Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday Stuff

Holy Saturday

Words are not needed.

My Friend in Kenya

Yesterday I exchanged emails with my pastor friend in Kenya. He is safe! His family remains in South Africa. He explained some of what has been happening with him, but asked that I not share it on the Internet at this time. He is concerned about being identified by the groups in Kenya.

He wrote that even though, with Kofi Annan’s mediation, Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga signed a power-sharing agreement last month to end the bloodshed, the country remains unsafe. My friend said that the majority of Kenyans are skeptical about the power sharing deal and fear the violence may again erupt at any time.

I am thankful to know that he is OK. It was truly a Good Friday for me.


The petition that many of us signed to be emailed to Chinese President Hu Jintao evidently did little good. This morning the Los Angeles Times published this article entitled Witnesses to Tibet violence saw scenes of horror. The article read in part:

Despite a massive deployment of Chinese forces, the protests show no signs of abating. In New Delhi on Friday, Tibetan exiles stormed the Chinese Embassy. And China posted a "most wanted" list of 21 alleged rioters, consisting of grainy photographs taken from video shot by a hidden camera.

The death toll of Tibetans had risen to 99 as of Friday, with a 16-year-old girl being shot by police in China's Sichuan County, the Tibetan government in exile said.

Chinese authorities say 19 Chinese have been killed in Lhasa: one police officer and the rest civilians.


The Junta still rules and plans to do so for a long time to come.

My Health

Although the VA has reduced the oxygen it provides to me by 25%, I am feeling and breathing better than I have in a long time. Perhaps the change to warmer weather has helped: Alex and I both spent time out in the 60 F warmth today. I was on the deck reading for several hours while Alex was catting around and grazing (see below).

My leg remains swollen, seems to be more painful each day, and I am having more difficulty standing and walking. This concerns me because I must be mobile: for example, next week I have medical appointments on Monday and Friday and the root canal scheduled for Tuesday. None of these folks will come to me, so I must be able to go to them.

Alex in His Herbivore Mode

With no plants growing in the house, I sometimes forget how much Alex enjoys munching greens. With Spring now here, he did some munching today as captured in the video below:

By the way, Alex has already published his Easter greetings on his blog. The furball did it two days early!


  1. I'm glad that you heard from your friend-it's so sad though that there continues to be so much violence in Kenya, in Tibet, in Burma, etc.

  2. Good to hear your friend in Kenya is OK. The situation in Tibet is terrible, hope the petition goes some way in helping.

    It's great that your breathing is better Nick but what have the doctors said about your leg? That's worrying.

  3. Your posts always bring to light that world events touch everyone and should be something we all pay attention to.

    Although I'm happy to hear that your breathing is getting better, I really wish they would figure out what is wrong with your leg. Maybe next week?

  4. Dear Nick,

    Thanks for the update on your leg, breathing, and friend in Kenya. I'm glad that you heard from your friend.

    Many hard things going on in the world, though...

    I hope that you can find out something more about your leg.

    Concerned in Colorado

  5. Glad your friend is safe. I have Kenyan friends from many years ago in San Francisco and I think about them.

    Wishing you a Blessed Easter. The cat already sent Easter greetings to Alex.

  6. That’s an interesting painting you begin with. Happy you friend in Kenya is OK and that you heard from him. Tibet and Burma are both oppressed people, even though then oppressors on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Perhaps you need to see a new physician about your leg? The Alex video is clever. HAPPY EASTER, REVEREND NICK.

  7. I'm sorry about your health. I wish I could come visit you and hang out on the porch with you and Alex. I'm glad your friend is okay--I know folks living in Kenya. I agree with you on Burma--the junta isn't going anywhere. Tibet is on the verge of a meltdown, and it is so sad--my mom visited Tibet--they are such gentle people, but even the meekest lamb will rise up when injustice continues to reign. Bless you, Nick.

  8. Sorry to hear about your leg Nick i hope you get better soon!!!

  9. Happy Easter to you and Alex. He sure odes love his greens. I also love the birds in the background and all the lovely green. Things are just starting to think about greening up and we got more snow. But I guess I do hear a few more birds now. It will be nice to be able to open the house back up.

  10. Oh I forgot, I am glad your friend is safe at least for now. Also it is nice you are breathing better. That deck sounds wonderful. It is still to cold here, at least for right now.

  11. do drs. recommend anything for swelling - excercises - baths ??

  12. I'm glad to hear you're feeling a bit better. The warmer weather makes me feel calmer even.

    Happy Easter.

  13. I’m pleased to know your Kenyan friend is safe. The Alex video reminds me of a lamb in a pasture. The world sure needs a dose of resurrection right now.

    Have a wonderful Easter, my old friend!

  14. I have to learn how to do that with my camera. Mine can take movies.

  15. The list of souls receiving my prayer intentions is ever growing.
    Most excellent news about your friend.

    Let's hope the renewal, promise and peace Easter brings helps in some way.

    Blessings to you dear friend.

  16. ` Duvs the Alex video! Man, looks like there's some serious shizznet goin' down!