Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The List

I wasn’t going to write complete a post until later in the day. However, just after midnight the furball sat on my face and then demanded that I open the back door for him. Of course, I did what my master commanded.

Alex has been spending a lot of time catting around outside since it warmed up. For some reason—maybe his super hearing picked up the meow of one of his buddies outside?—he really wanted out at midnight.

Since I will not retire again until I know that the furball is safely back in the house, I thought I’d create a fast post. This is it.

Earlier this evening—again while Alex was playing outside—I was reading blogs and came upon one that centered on what types of work folks had done in their lives. I really wish I could remember whose blog asked the question, but since I subscribe to more than 300 blogs on Bloglines, I sometimes forget where I have been. I realize that that may sound a bit arrogant or even egotistical, but wait until to read further for some really Nick-centered stuff.

Well, I began thinking about the work I have done, paid and unpaid, over the past 40 or so years and then began listing the jobs. It didn't take me long; actually, it took much less time than I’ve spent writing these last five paragraphs. And, since I saved the list, I am now arrogantly going to share it with you to confirm, as I wrote in my Blogger profile, that I consider myself, as was said of Thomas Moore, to be “A Man for All Seasons,” although at times I wonder what season I am in at the moment.

The List

(in no specific order)

  • Social Worker
  • Pastor
  • Army Officer
  • Father
  • Bartender
  • High School Social Studies Teacher
  • Golf Course Maintainer (the dude who cuts the greens and rakes the sand traps)
  • Writer
  • Church Association Moderator
  • Assistant Night Club Manager
  • Volunteer Chaplain at State Prison
  • Chairperson, City Historic Preservation Commission
  • Guitarist
  • President, County Clergy Association
  • Therapist
  • State President, Social Workers Association
  • Theologian
  • Group Home Manager
  • Founding Vice-President and 2nd President, local Chapter of National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse
  • Social Services Supervisor
  • Folk Singer
  • Newspaper Columnist
  • Marriage Counselor
  • Insurance Agent
  • Teacher at State Prison's Pre-Release Program
  • Blogger
  • Hospital Chaplains Coordinator
  • Youth Soccer Coach

That’s enough of a list. Now, I’m just an old, semi-disabled dude who writes a blog—and is owned by a cat.



  1. Was it SugarBooger's blog? Her recent blog post on past jobs made me think of all the careers I've had -- three cheers for flexibility, I say! :)

  2. A worthy list, Saintly Nick. Insurance agent is something of an odd man out, though. I'm sure you were never tempted to sell a whole life policy to a college student.

  3. Hmmm… A Wolfgrrrl and a gorilla post the first two comments. That must mean something!

    KIMBER: No, it wasn’t SugarBooger's blog because I don’t believe that I have ever been there. However, being the Blogaholic that I am, I shall now seek it out.

    MR. BANANAS: I took the job as an insurance agent out of desperation. You’re right: that job was “the odd man out.” I discovered that the first week when my team leader told me how to cheat an insurance company.

  4. That is some list! Nightclub manager?!

  5. very impressive list! night club manager eh? hehe you rock Nick, if i could do half the stuff in my life time that you've done, i would be proud :)

  6. You'd make a great dinner guest, i can imagine you have lots of stories to tell!
    Pol x

  7. LIZ: Yep. Assistant nightclub manager. An unpaid position. The ex-wife of a clergyman who had attended seminary with me owned it. She had a very high, highly paid position with a national retail store. She purchased the club for her boyfriend to run. When the boyfriend was arrested for embezzlement (not the nightclub) she looked at the club and found she had less than a $100 in the bank (when there should have been over $10,000) and that the lease on the building hadn’t been paid in over two months. I worked at the club with her in an attempt to salvage her $75,000 investment. Someday I must blog the whole, distressing story.

  8. SWEETS: Impressive? Of is it I can’t hold a job? No, it’s not the latter: I’ve only been “fired” from one job and if you read my blog back then you know the insurance company scammed me, as well as every other agent they hired in Kentucky. I have enjoyed and am proud of most of what I’ve accomplished. I may add that I hope to accomplish more before my life ends.

  9. POLGARA: I’ve been told that I’m an interesting conversationalist—and I do have lots of stories from my experiences plus quite a bit of insignificant trivia stored in my mind. I also know a lot of jokes. So, when are you inviting me to dinner?

  10. LONE BEADER: Yep, it’s a long list—and I’ve thought of some more unpaid positions I could have included. However, enough is enough.

  11. That's an impressive list Nick and I'm sure you were excellent at each and every job. :)

  12. Really, it's just a list of different ways to do the same thing. The common thread running through it is that you like to help people.

  13. I knew about most of these, except the State Prison's Pre-Release Program. You need to write about that sometime. I bet there is an interesting story or two there.

  14. You were never bored, were you?

  15. You were called to teach, there's no denying that.

    A fine list for sure. You've done so many things that I can imagine you to be an excellent conversationalist.

    There's nothing quite like being a cat's human, though. :)

  16. I'm with Thomas regarding your common thread of helping people.

    Now, you help people via your blog and your comments on the blogs of others AND by allowing Mr. Alex to own you, you're helping a might fine feline to have quite the happy life.

  17. Hummm...assistant night club manager/ that's what I call a wide range. Teehee!! ;)

  18. We will be expecting a story from each job and if you have done some in the past we do not count them. I like how Alex Rules. When Maggie wants up earlier than I do, I tell her to "Go back to bed." and like the well mannered dog she does as told. I had to go back several post as I have had the Tennessee busies and been unable to keep up lately. I liked the candlestick story and all those test made me head hurt. Did it hurt your head too? Take care and Peace be with you. If Alex will let it be. Oops I am a Beatle now.

  19. Pastor yet bartender? What an interesting combination lol.

  20. wow NICK you have done it all! I seem's just like yesterday you was my boss lol I must say I enjoyed working for ya!

  21. i learned a lot in the little time i worked for ya and had a ball!

  22. A checkered past is yours, my friend. But do I see a theme of "helping"?

    I'm glad you're blogging and that your current master encourages it.

  23. I believe that God always puts us exactly where we are supposed to be at that time in our lives- there you were on the life journey of someone else who needed you and vice versa. Impressive list hi

  24. for an old disabled dude, you've lived a full and very rich life, with lots of experiences and lots of good stories!!! The perfect friend to have in times of boredom!!!

  25. AKELAMALU: Impressive, yes. Sometimes when I think back over my life, even I am impressed by what I’ve accomplished. (In making and posting that list I gave up any semblance of humility). I can’t claim to have been excellent in everything I’ve done, but I will claim that I have been competent (most of the time).

    THOMAS: So you noticed the thread of helping people in the list! Honestly, for many years I didn’t. I just decided to do what I felt most comfortable doing.

    When I was about 16 my Uncle Otto retired and wanted to give me the heating and air conditioning company he had founded and owned. I was much too young to make a decision. I declined his offer, so he sold the business to his employees.

    Years later, after a 12-year career in social work, I decided at the age of 38 to quit my job and enter seminary. Uncle Otto, who had wanted me to own his business, said to me (you must hear his strong German accent in the words): “Damn, Lord Ass! You become a social worker so you can make no money and now you want to become a damned minister so you can make even less money!!!”

  26. ANGUS: Yes, I do need to write about that job. It the years I taught there I presented classes to more than 1,000 about-to-be-released offenders. When I moved to Louisville they presented me with a very nice, hand made plaque of thanks.

    CHINA GIRL: You know, whenever I found myself bored with a job, I realized that it was time for me to move on.

    CRAFTY STITCHWITCH: I agree. Teaching has always been my greatest joy. I’m not so sure that I’m an excellent conversationalist, but a do have more than a few tales to spin. I am so happy that, at this stage of my life, I have become Alex’s human. I believe that the furball enjoys my company as much as I enjoy him.

  27. CAROL: I suppose you’re right. However, sometimes I wish I was as willing to care for myself as I am for others.

    WILLOW: Yep. And the owner of that nightclub was the ex-wife of another theologian.

    LADDY DI TN: That’s an excellent use of this list! I can make use of it as a guideline for new post subject matter. Thanks for the idea.

    Somehow I have trained (?) Alex that I will respond to his needs no matter what. Unlike my dog, Muffin, Alex has sharp claws and is more than willing to use them on me. (Do I sound intimidated by the fur ball?)

    Nope. Those quizzes didn’t give me a headache. I actually enjoy taking tests—perhaps that’s why I’ve spent so many years in schools.

  28. ROSE: Yes. Of course my denomination does forbid drinking. And I was a bartender twenty years before I was a pastor.

    CHICA: It really hasn’t been that long since you worked for me, Tiffany—at least in relation to the years of my life. I enjoyed having you here; still, I am glad that your dreams are coming to fruition.

    SAN: Yes, you, too, have picked up the “helping” theme.

  29. Many of those you did when you were our pastor. People here still remember you and the good things you did for people and for our community. Thank you, Pastor Nick.

  30. SANDY KESSLER: Yes, I also believe that we each have some purpose in our lives. So often we resist that purpose and try to escape it as did Jonah. I resisted the call to seminary for almost twenty years. Or, perhaps, I needed those years to prepare me for my calling.

    BETH: What can I say but ‘Thank you.’

  31. Dear Nick ~~ Great list of jobs and
    I imagine you would be good at all of them. Thank you for the comment and
    birthday wishes to all.
    I have passed on to you an award to
    you on my blog. I hope you enjoy it.
    Take great care, Best wishes, Merle.

  32. ` Whoa! A pretty accomplished guy you are!