Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday Mishmash


Even though I have been busy working on my new computer and turning Alex pics into LOL Cat Katz, I’ve not overlooked the tragedies and suffering in Burma and China. With all of the havoc, death, and anguish that we humans create—this morning I read of the six bombs exploding in the city of Jaipur in north India, killing at least eighty persons—the destructive power of nature can be even worse.

I pray for the victims in Burma, China, and Jaipur. I also feel that I need to do more than just pray. Other than contributing to relief funds I know of nothing I can do to aid the victims of natural disasters; however, when it comes to human created suffering, I can work for justice and peace.

Barrack in Louisville

Senator Obama spoke in Louisville on Monday. Unfortunately, due to my ability to stand in long lines and the limitations of my oxygen tank, I could not attend. However, others did. Click HERE.

Computer Update

There remain a few glitches is setting up and using my new computer:

  • I had the Geek Squad transfer all of the data from my cat-hair-infested old notebook into the new one. However, two of my most valuable programs (based on my use of them and their cost) won’t work. I need to reinstall them, but can’t find the program discs, even though I kept them in their original boxes and saw them just a few days before my notebook was strangled by cat hair. Damn!

  • The HP docking station that I purchased to keep my Furball off the new computer comes with a humongous back-up hard drive. Unfortunately, even though I have the station connected to the notebook, I can’t access the external hard drive. Double damn!

Alex the LOL Cat

The cat-who-owns-me was pleased that I turned the photo of him blogging on my old computer into a LOL cat thingie. He even blogged about it on his blog.

I promised Alex that I would create more LOL Cat thingies of his numerous photos (click on Alex's LOL cat photo to vote for him. OK?):

funny pictures
moar funny pictures


  1. Nick, you help to bring about peace just by your presence. We can't stop all that happens in the world, but we can affect what's right in front of us and you do that.

    Sorry about the computer problems. You're a braver man than I to even consider tackling anything hard drive and program related.

    I will check out the Alex blog when I can. He does love to pose for photo ops, eh?

  2. Such terrible things going on in the world and there's only so much we can do. :(

    Hope you get the 'puter sorted soon. x

  3. Hang in there, Nick. Sometimes prayer is all we can do, for peace as well as fixing computers.

    Alex is a real LOL cat. I've laughed at him for years!

  4. CAROL: Thanks, Carol. I much prefer peace and justice to discord and injustice.

    This computer stuff is wearing on me. I hope I can get it all straightened out get back to normal—whatever normal is!

    Alex is a ham. At the moment he is sitting on my desk to the left of my new computer posing for a photo.

    Alex may be moving his blog from WordPress to Blogger. The latter causes me more headaches that getting the computer operational!

    AKELAMALU: Thank you. I have (I think) learned patience, but have this constant urge within me to provide add to those who are suffering.

    As for the computer, I must concentrate on finding the two missing programs and take the who know how much time to contact HP and ask to the work this damned thing.

    ANGUS: As I wrote above: I must have patience, but God only knows where it will come from.

    Yeah, I’ve been laughing at the furball of almost four and a half years. Except, of course, when he sticks his claws in my balls.

  5. Nick
    I am so happy to know that Alex is on LOL Cats. Puppy sent me the site the first year he was at college and I bookmarked it to enjoy when I needed a laugh.
    I would have just taken and have done so, my computer to Mr. David.
    It is bad enough that disaster happen but for the countries to tell the rest of the countries they can handle it theirselves is ludicrous. As of cowards, terroist, they are hard to kill because they hide and brag about killing innocent people.
    It is themselves they do this for not for any cause or religion. No matter what they say they are COWARDS OF THE HIGHEST DEGREE.
    Peace and patience be with you.

  6. I voted for Alex. Something fun to do in a not-so-fun time.

  7. LADY DI TN: I think Alex is happy to be a LOL cat. However, today he has spent more time playing wildebeest stampeding across the Serengeti (our house) than blogging or admiring his photos.

    SQUIRL: I thank you—and Alex thanks you. What up?—I mean about the “not-so-fun time.”

  8. oh that is an awesome lolcat!!!
    good luck with sorting out the new machine... thankfully my furbabies have never taken to lying ON my notebook!

  9. i love LOLCATS :)
    what programs are you missing?? email me i know of a site where you can download free, and it's not illegal stuff :)

  10. I love this gy Alex- how are you feeling these days ??Great I hope - no oxygen stories always a good