Friday, July 25, 2008

I Wonder....

Yesterday Carol for Peace and Justice posted about increased D.O.D. activity in Colorado in a post entitled How To Save A Sagging Economy.

As I read Carol’s post I began to wonder why the military needed more space and especially a larger maneuver area in Colorado. I began researching similar topography to that of Colorado and here is what I found:

Iran consists of rugged, mountainous rims surrounding high interior basins. The main mountain chain is the Zagros Mountains, a series of parallel ridges interspersed with plains that bisect the country from northwest to southeast. Many peaks in the Zagros exceed 3,000 meters above sea level, and in the south-central region of the country there are at least five peaks that are over 4,000 meters. As the Zagros continue into southeastern Iran, the average elevation of the peaks declines dramatically to under 1,500 meters. Rimming the Caspian Sea littoral is another chain of mountains, the narrow but high Alborz Mountains. Volcanic Mount Damavand (5,600 meters), located in the center of the Alborz, is not only the country's highest peak but also the highest mountain on the Eurasian landmass west of the Hindu Kush.

The center of Iran consists of several closed basins that collectively are referred to as the Central Plateau. The average elevation of this plateau is about 900 meters, but several of the mountains that tower over the plateau exceed 3,000 meters. The eastern part of the plateau is covered by two salt deserts, the Dasht-e Kavir and the Dasht-e Lut. Except for some scattered oases, these deserts are uninhabited. ~ Geography of Iran from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Colorado Topography


Iranian Topography:


What if...

I wonder… I really wonder…


  1. I sure hope you're wrong!

    When do you get this Bush guy outta town again?


  2. I, too, home your deduction is wrong but what else would the military want to train in Colorado?

  3. Seeking an area to train that is similar to the area they are sending the soldiers to fight is normal from what I hear. Alas that would target CO. I just cannot wait until it is time to vote, may we all make the correct choice when that time comes.

  4. I think that many would agree with your wondering, Nick, including Seymour Hersh who has been warning about our invasion of Iran for years.

    I see your photos and I feel such love for the beauty of this land. It's really hard to witness it being destroyed by military acquisition, the horror of war, oil and gas exploration, and sprawl.

    Thanks for posting about this.

  5. wow...I sure hope Obama can fix the mess this country has become....

  6. All I can think about is all of those poor soldiers. If they get to leave Iraq just to be sent next door to Iran to be maimed and killed there. What has America come to?

  7. Poetikat: I hope that I am wrong, too. I hope that someone, even George Bush, is willing to use diplomacy rather than arms to check Iran’s nuclear expansion and threat to the peace of the Middle East.

    RGF: I agree. I hope that the training is directed at Afghanistan and not for an invasion of Iraq.

    Sassy Mama Bear: Amen!

  8. Carol: You are most welcome, Carol. It was your post that inspired this one.

    As I found those photographs of Colorado and Iran, I was amazed at the similarities. I don’t know if Colorado has the barren desert as there is in Iran, but the mountains and vegetation appear to be very similar.

    Beth: I do, too. The killing and destruction has got to cease.

    Andi: Yes, the soldiers are the ones who always pay the price of war and military adventurism.

    Enemy of the Republic: I fear that the odds of being right go along with my suspicion. However, I pray that I am wrong.