Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It Feels Grand to Be Posting to Nick's Bytes Again

Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward. ~ Kurt Vonnegut (1922 - 2007)

Having three years of blogging and over one thousand posts disappear in an instant was a real downer! It was so much of a downer that, as downers have a way of doing, I benefited from the experience.

Yeah, I meant to say that: I benefited from the experience. For example:

  • When my anxiety and frustration got to the point that I was beginning to be consumed by thoughts of loss and feelings of powerlessness, I returned to the practice of mindfulness mediation to help me remain in the present moment. (I’ll write more about that in a future blog).

  • I relearned the lesson that I do have a life beyond blogging; both Alex and I took pleasure in some fun that, when I was consumed with blogging. I would not have taken the time to enjoy.

  • I enhanced Alex’s blog and, in the process (and in the personae of Alex), met some neat folks and a bunch of blogging kitty cats.

Of course there is also a bit of sadness from the situation:

  • The reason my blog disappeared was some miswritten code in the program of that neat blog list widget that not only had links to great blogs but also to their RSS feeds. I had 162 blogs in that list, which took me quite a while to compile. Although Blogger did not tell me to do so, I deleted the list from Nick’s Bytes. I plan to reconstruct it another blog I’ll create especially for the blog roll.

  • There are several world happenings that I would have addressed in blogs had Nick’s Bytes not disappeared. I can still do that, although the timing will be well off.

  • There was no Wednesday Coffeehouse this week! Well, it will return next Wednesday!

  • Moving toward Nick’s Bytes 100,000th visitor, I was planning on developing another celebration for visitor number 100,000. That I can still do, but as you can see from the graphic below., the visitors rather dropped off over the past few days—rather like church attendance when I, as a pastor, would go on vacation.

The base line is, it feels grand to have Nick’s Bytes up again! And, to celebrate, I am ending this post with some very special LOL Cats that Alex has already shared on his blog:


  1. Excellent, sir, to have you and your handsome cat back online.

  2. wow im so happy you are backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk sorry i kinda got a little carryed away lol i also changed my blog a little ttyl nick oh i 4 got i love the pic of alex saying i was out all nite lol i couldnt stop lol

  3. I've had problems with that blog list, too, Nick. Sometimes it disappears and reverts to the original list without all the notifications of people's updates. Occasionally the whole thing disappears completely so I have to go out of my blog and log back in to get it back again..crazy!

    I'm sorry you've lost all your historical stuff just can't be replaced. Anyway, welcome back and I hope your computer behaves.

  4. I was searching everywhere and asking everyone. orried. Can' blogger retrieve for you ??So you can print --maybe for your grandchildren..How are the lessons going??

  5. by the way i gave you awards June 25- 29th sk

  6. Glad your all "Better"

    It's all about living and learning isn't?

  7. Welcome back Nick...Here's to you and Alex. Cheers!!

  8. Glad you are back. I linked to your blog in anticipation of your Monday jokes and then it kept saying error. I thought it was just me though!

  9. Just a quick note and then I'll be back later:

    No, I didn't lose any of my blog archive. All are safe!

    Just in case of some future problem, I have found a way of backing up all of my posts, although I can't do it all at once because there are so many of them.

    I shall return to post more comments later in the morning.

  10. So great to see your blog again, Nick!

  11. Hooray!!! You're back!!! I knew that you'd come back!

    It sounds like you got a lot out of the experience.

    I know that, because of your blog downtime, I got to spend more time at Alex's place and get to know my furry friend better. ;-) His LOL Katz photos are the cutest things!

  12. Hey Nick!

    Glad to see you're back on track with this blog. I do hope that code-problem doesn't affect other users. I find that blog list to be so helpful in keeping up with everyone - otherwise I just get forgetful and miss out on so much.

    I know what you mean about rediscovering life outside of the blog,though. Sometimes we do need a reminder that the real world is out there.

    Loved your "Bell, book and candle" picture - Alex is a cutie!


  13. so sad about your blog!!! oh no!! That would've been a major downer alright....but you're here! you're back! and that's what matters. It's a forward journey anyway, right? A chance for new things. we're just glad you're here---the only stuff was icing.

  14. yay, nick's back!! although alex was a total gentleman to let you use HIS clog while yours was down!!

  15. This is our first visit to this blog, although we've met Alex. We're glad you are finally back online.

    Please tell us you aren't referring to, since we are in process of making our own list and would hate to have the same problems you did.

  16. Welcome back Nick - you were missed!

  17. Yea you are back. I did not see this right away. When I did, I did some poking around on the internet. It seemed that all the mentions of the error you were getting kept point back to your blog. Other than that I was not having any luck finding help. I did see you picked up a soul on the way that was experiencing similar problems.

    So isn't this fun. To back things up you need to back up your posts, back up the comments, back up the template and back up the links to others blogs. It sure is a lot of work.

    Just happy you have retured where you belong.

  18. Gosh, Nick, although I haven't ever visited your blog before, just having found about you through you kitty Alex' blog, I was wondering if you would ever get the problem straightened out! I am so glad you did ... that would have totally frustrated me, that's for sure!

  19. Wonderful having you back, Nick. I have really missed reading your blog.

  20. OH WOW! I didn't know this. I can't believe you lost everything! I've noticed a few other people lost some content. That's so strange and scary. There is a site that automatically backs up your blog...I'll have to find the site for you.

    It's so funny you did the funny cat thing with yours! I love it!

    Sorry I've been gone myself for a bit. Just wanted to stop by and say hello!

  21. The opening quote says it all - and I agree wholeheartedly, less clean up afterwards. ec

  22. Hey! Nice new banner! I love the blue and the bird hanging in space.

  23. glad you're back. i was worried when i kept getting the error message and didn't get any info from blogger. sorry you had such a trying time, but like you said, at least some good came out of it.

  24. Good to see you back and posting, Rev Saint. I like the new look you have created, especially the photo of the eagle(?) at the top. Well done!

  25. Sorry to hear about the blogger problem. Traffic is always down in summer. I know for me, Winter is a bit more fun, since it's too cold and messy to go out around here.


  26. (((Saintly))))Welcome home to you and Alex.... back where you belong......


  27. The Viscount: Thank you. Alex thanks you for the compliment.

    Chica: I believe that I got carried away with my happiness, too, when the damned error message finally disappeared. While waiting (and hoping) for it to go away, I spent some time “helping” Alex with his blog and creating a few new Alex LOL cats.

    Puss-in-Boots: That new blog list widget was exciting and I spent a lot of time adding 160+ blogs to it. But you are so right: it is troublesome and now I find dangerous. I am attempting to recreate my blog list in an auxiliary blog, “Nick’s Links to Incredibly Splendid Blogs (I have a link to it on my sidebar) but even with that one I was only able to add one blog (Alex’s) before it refused to all me to add additional blogs. That is frustrating!

  28. I beati: I really didn’t llose anything because of the Blogger screwup. I did delete my blog list because I don’t want that to happen again and, as I wrote above, am beginning a new blog to display the long list of blogs that I read and recommend. Even that is a problem!

    My grand kids seem to be taking a break from their lessons! They jumped right on the first one and it went much better than I expected. I was impressed. However, the following lessons are going much, much slower.

    Thanks for the blog awards. I saw one of them when you presented it to me and yesterday I found the second one!

  29. Mickey-T: Thank you! Yes, this has been a real learning experience and I pray I remember the lessons and don’t have to repeat them!

    Matt-Man: Thank you. I rather believe that Alex enjoyed the time that my blog was down: I spent more time playing with him and a lot on time posting to his “bloggie thingie.” The only problem for me is that writing in Alex’s personae sometime haz me writin likez Alex whenz I aint Alex. OK?

    Enola: Thank you. No, it wasn’t you or me: it was Blogger!

  30. :

    Abby: Thank you. You are my oldest non-blogger commenter and I certainly wouldn’t want us to lose contact with one another.

    Carol: Thank you. I rather hoped that the blog would return and did a bit of a Snoopy dance when it did.

    Alex and I appreciate you visits to his “bloggie thingie” and your comments. The times I spent on Alex’s blogger was also beneficial because I met quite a few kitty katz who blog and dere hoomins, too. It was quite fun. Oops! Who is writing this comment—Saintly Nick or Alex the furball? Sometimes I furgetz!

    Poetikat: Thank you. The code problem had the same impact on a blogger in the UK. At least, she and I were the only ones dialoguing about it in the Blogger Help Group. As you may imagine, she and I also began an email correspondence and I have thus gained another new blogger buddy!

    Thankfully, I keep a list of blogs to visit on BlogLines. Unfortunately, that list is not nearly as comprehensive as the blog roll I had on my blog. Therefore, I somehow have to track down some blogs for which I no longer have the URLs. That’s another time-consuming process that this code error has caused.

    The "bell, book and candle" LOL cat came about when I saw the movie on TV for the first time since I saw it in a theater as a kid. I suddenly remembered that I had a photo of Alex on my desk staring at a lighted candle and there was also a book—a Bible, no less—also on the desk. Thus a new LOL cat was created and a neat post for Alex’s blog!

  31. Jay Are: Wow! You got all of it so right! Thanks.

    Libby: Thank you! I appreciate the cheerleading and Alex appreciates being called a gentleman—er, make that “gentlekat.”

    Jan’s Funny Farm: Welcome to Nick’s Bytes and Alex appreciates your visits to Alexicon.

    No, it wasn’t Blogrolling that did me it; but we’ve already discussed that in ema

  32. can a blog just disappear...guess this is one of the reasons I'm glad I don't use Blogger. Too many things can go wrong.

  33. Tug: Thank you! I have missed blogging and reading comments like these!

    Squirl: Thank you! You have been with me though lots of ups and downs with blogger and other issues. I appreciate your friendship and support.

    barman: Thank you, Bryan! I believe that I and a blogger in the UK were the first and perhaps the only ones to experience this. At least we are the only ones who wrote in the Blogger Help group that the error code came up and our blogs were inaccessible.

    Yeah, it’s fun. I have been learning more about what can go wrong and how to protect and back up blogs than I ever wanted to know!

  34. Well let me just say that the blog is looking swell after being revived. Sorry you lost the original but glad you were able to pull a positive experience from it.

  35. Sabrina, Sam, and Simon: Thanks for clicking over from Alex’s blog. I am so glad that we met via the furball!

    Angus: Thank you, my old friend!

    Deb: Thanks for stopping by and especially for the cooment.

    Yep, Nick’s Bytes has been through the wash and wringer. But I really lost nothing—except for my blogroll and that’s because I chose to delete it since it was the cause of the problem. Now I am building a new one—I hope!

  36. Excellent photos as always. Great blog too.

    CJ xx

  37. Mr Eddie: Thank you. Yes, Kurt Vonnegut’s words do say a lot, don’t they?

    Carol: Yep! As long as I was revamping Nick’s Bytes I figured I might as well make some changes to increase its pulchritude! (hmmm, I haven’t used that word—pulchritude—in decades!)

    Robin: Thank you. Yes, that bloody error message was a bummer: nobody, including the folks at Blogger, had any idea what it meant! I suspected that it had something to do with their new blog roll widget because the other blogger who was receiving the same error code wrote that she was in the process of adding to the new blog roll widget when the code appeared. I wasn’t, but I had been a bit before. Therefore, I suggested that the problem might be related to the new blog roll widget—and, behold! It was!

  38. You are back! And your blog looks different. But I can tell it is you. Hurray!

  39. Azsonofagun: Thank you, Rex! Actually, creating the “new” blog look was the only real fun I’ve had with Nick’s Bytes in the past week. And it really isn’t so “new” since the template I’m using is the same one I started out with three plus years ago.

    Coffee Messiah: Thank you. At least now the problem is solved!—I hope.

    Marmite Toasty: ((((((Ms. Toasty))))))! Thank you!

  40. I'm so sorry you got wiped out, but am glad you are back.. Your Cat is too adorable! Hope all is well now..

  41. Ricardo: Thank you! Reconstructing and renovating can be fun—even when the job is required by a Blogger screw-up.

    Crystal Jigsaw: Thank you. Creating those Alex LOL cats was fun, too!

    Ms. Luna: Yep, it is I—a.k.a. (sometimes) as Alex the Bloggin’ Kitty Kat. OK?

  42. Mississippi Songbird: Thank you! Yes, all is well now and I have lots of blogging ideas for the future. And so does Alex!

  43. ` OMG Alex is so cute as a LOL cat! (Must remember to do this with Violet and Vada!)
    ` So like... your blog disappeared? Well hey, like the photo at the top!
    ` This is exactly why I don't fill my blog with widgets - the same thing happened to someone else's blog which also had many widgets.
    ` That really sucks. That's why I started to back up my blog, though I eventually gave that up. It was way too hard. Now I supposed if I put it on a website, there's a good chance that both won't be lost at the same time.
    ` Anyway, glad to know you're still here and blogging!

    ` BTW, I have a photo of your blog, with Vada watching an Alex video if you're interested... I will have many photo posts in the near future. One every three days, in fact.

  44. Just stopped by to say:

    ♥ I LOVE YOU ♥

  45. Welcome back Nick!! :)

    I'm so sad to hear about your blogger loss... but you're right some good did come out of it.

    See you soon!!


  46. I don't know how it works, but I thought there was some kind of back-up for blogs, at least with the newer sites...

    Glad it worked out all right for you, Nick! :)

  47. Dear Nick ~~ Great to have you back again and I am so glad you were able to retrieve your many blogs. I do hope your blog is fully recovered now and we continue to read yor good advice, history and jokes.
    Thanks for your comments and I am glad you enjoy the poem and jokes.
    I hope you are keeping well and the frustration didn't get too bad.
    Regards, Merle.

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