Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Alex and a Song

I’m sitting in my chair reading. Suddenly I feel a sharp pain in my right thigh. I don’t even have to look up to know what happened: Alex has just stuck a claw into my leg to get my attention.

When I do look for the furball, I see him sitting in the hallway with his back toward me. Alex is either (1) pretending that it wasn’t his claw that caused me pain or (2) that he really doesn’t want my attention or (3) both of the above.

I begin pushing myself out of the chair. Before I am on my feet, Alex scurries down the hall, through the library, and into the kitchen. By the time I catch up with him, he is standing beside the kitchen table. As I approach the table, he leaps upon it and stands by his feeding bowl, which contains 80% of the breakfast that I put into it just twenty minutes ago.

I sit on a kitchen chair and pick up Alex’s grooming brush. The cat who owns me meanders closer to me and offers me his back, over which I run the brush from the top of his head to the tip of his tail. Alex purrs.

After a dozen or so soft brush strokes, Alex turns toward me and leaps toward my chest. I gather my little friend into my arms. Alex purrs.

I run my finger beneath his chin and down his throat, feeling his purring which has increased as I stroke him. Then the furball maneuvers in my arms until I am holding him as I would hold a human baby. He offers me his belly to rub. I rub it, as Alex closes his eyes and purrs even more.

We remain like this for ten or so minutes.

I am smiling, for I love this kitten more than words can express.

Note: I have chosen not to post a Wednesday Coffeehouse today. The time I have spent the past few days repairing my computer has not given me enough time to put one together.

I will, however, leave you with this song:

Song of Blessing
~ Joe Wise


  1. Computer problems are the worst. I remember beginning fall semester with mine out of whack and I was without internet or Word for 2 weeks. I couldn't work at home at all and at work I share a computer with 2 others, so I had to hit the lab. The same thing hit my laptop this summer, but at least my desktop was in order. So I understand your weariness. I am so glad to see you--one day it would be great to hang out and talk in the real world!

  2. Aw what a lovely moment you both shared!
    I'm sorry you have had such hassle with your pc. Thankfully you are not have the same trouble with your tc. (top cat!)
    I'll listen to the song when I get home tonight.
    Have a great day, you've certainly had a great start!

  3. Awwww, Nick,

    THAT is the SWEETEST story. Pure, open-hearted love.

    Lovely song, too. A wonderful start to my day. Thank you!

  4. that is a lovely description of a cat lover!

  5. I think that cat loves YOU more than words or "meows" can express. What a beautiful relationship you have with this feline.

    Sorry to hear about your computer!

    Hope you're well, Nick! :)

  6. P.S. If I come back from reincarnation, I want to come back as YOUR cat! heh Now that's the life!

  7. Those special moments eh!!!

  8. Lovely post...I so miss my little cat but heafring you nice moment made me smile.

    It is never of course 'their' claw that perforates your thigh! it is a figment of our imaginations! ;o)

  9. This is a beautiful portrait of your love for Alex and his love for you.

    The blessings song is also beautiful and so appropriate!

    Thank you for helping to make my evening special.

  10. nick, nobody who reads this entry will ever forget the mental peaceful picture you just painted us!! thank you!

  11. Enemy of the Republic: It’s good to see you, too. Being without a computer, especially when one become as dependent on it as I am, can be pure hell! That’s why I spent so many hours fixing the damned thing.

    Yes, it would be wonderful to one day hang out and talk in the real world!

    Daffy: Thank you. You know, Alex and I go through the same routine (several times) each day.

    Akelamalu: On Alex’s behalf, I’ll say thanks. I do wonder if the furball understands that he is a lucky kitty.

  12. Carol: Thank you. I really do love that little furball deeply. He’s been outside now for about 90 minutes and I am tempted to worry about him. The last time I checked on him—about 15 minutes ago—he was stretching on the front porch.

    I’m so glad you enjoyed Joe Wise’s song. That one of several that Joe wrote that I would sing accompanied by my guitar in worship services. I sometimes used that one in place of a benediction

    Maxxo: I think you are right! A few years ago—B.A. (Before Alex)—I never would have described myself as a “cat lover.”

    Deb: Yes, I suppose Alex does love me. He usually comes when I call, which I understand in not the norm for cats. He almost always sleeps and naps with me. And he loves to be held and snuggle.

  13. Queenie: Yes, a special moment. Alex and I seem to have several of those each day. I have learned to enjoy them to the point that I usually exchange whatever I am doing to spend those singular times with my furball.

    Gemmak: I appreciate your visit. I don’t know what I would do without Alex; I really don’t want to outlive the furball. You are so right about Alex and his clawing me. When he surprises (and hurts) me so that I yelp, Alex generally looks at me and seems to ask me what’s wrong.

    Fiochra: Thank you; there is a type of beauty in that story, although I didn’t think about it as I wrote it.

    I am delighted that you appreciate the song and noted its appropriateness to this post.

    Libby: Thank you! That is a lovely thing for you to say.

  14. That's a lovely story. I think it's just swell that our cat-children are happy to be with us humans.

  15. How could you not love the little furball like that? My favourite moments with my kitties are in the morning, before I get out of bed and we're all feeling lazy and relaxed. Raia curls into my stomach and Boots give me headbonks.