Friday, October 17, 2008

Alex Stuff

Last night as I went to bed—well, one of the several times I went to bed— and as I came near the CPAP machine in my bedroom, the nose hose stopped me. Since the machine is at the maximum the 57 foot hose reaches from the oxygen compressor to which it is attached and it winds through 4 rooms before getting there, it often gets snagged on something. Or, as I have shared with you, Alex often snags the hose.

To free the hose I usually just yank on it once or twice. So, I did—and heard an Alex screech. Looking behind me I saw Alex dangling in midair with one of his claws inside the hose. Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt! After I helped him free his claw, he thanked me and waited for me to get into bed so that he could join me.

I wondered if this claw-snagging had taught Alex the danger of attacking my nose hose. After finding three new holes in the hose this morning, I realize that Alex learned nothing from the experience.

The pole to determine images for merchandise in The Alex Shop is over! The winners are:

Monday Alex put a new video starring himself on his blog, Alexicon: A Kitty Kat’s Life with His Hooman. He wants all of his friends to see and comment on it, so I have placed a teaser clip below. You may access Alex’s video by clicking the above link or the link on the sidebar.


  1. Alex "I'll give you 24hrs to stop"
    Nick "or you will do what"?
    Alex "you have been warned".............

    It really is a love thing isn't it,thanks for sharing.

  2. Alex! Bad kitty...attacking your hoomin's lifeline. If anything happens to him you won't get fed, cuddled or let out when you want to. Think about it...

  3. Queenie: You are so right! It is a love thing!

    Puss-in-Boots: I am not sure than Alex understands cause and effect that well. Or, maybe he does: Stick claws in human and human gets up and does what Alex want human to do.

  4. Nick, Alex is looking *really* good these days! I'd say his behavior is directly related to his overall feeling of well being - and sassy-ness!

  5. Trouble with a capital 'T' but very cute...and very funny! :o)

  6. Alex - you are looking much better these days. How about cutting your hoomin a break and stop clawing the nose hose!?!?

  7. Dana: Yes, Alex is looking good and he has his spunkiness back. He still explores and chases stuff. And he still loves to be cuddled, as the video on his blog shows.

    Daffy: Or, perhaps, a capital A! And, yes, he remains a natural comedienne.

    Enola: It’s nice of you to tell Alex that; however, being a cat, I rather think that he’s not listening.

  8. And I bet you gave him a cuddle afterwards! Butter wouldn't melt in my mouth, daddy!

    CJ xx

  9. Crystal Jigsaw: I hugged him when I freed his claw. Then we snuggled through the night. Or, at least until Alex got up and curled up on the top of a blanket on the chest at the end of the bed.

  10. Nick,

    I think you're making these Alex nose hose stories up. Look at those cute little eyes - they're not the eyes of a nose hose trasher! ;-)

  11. I cannot even use my CPAP machine, it triggers seizures some how.

  12. Carol: I couldn’t make up the nose hose stories: they are too weird to be imagined! Yes, Alex looks like a sweetie—and his is. But he is also an adventurous cat and nose hoses wiggle and are fun to chase—and to kill.

    Mike: I’m so sorry to hear that you can’t use your CPAP. I could not sleep without mine—and I have tried.

  13. i wanted to let you know i replied in my comments on the president question ;)

    i like the top pick of Alex, but i am sad my pick lost :(

  14. It is worrying that Alex puts holes in your O2 pipe. Alex - let your daddy breathe and you will get MORE cuddles!

    Off to see his video...

    Take care of yourself Nick.

  15. Xmichra: I sincerely appreciate you expressing your thoughts about the U.S. election. I believe that how folks outside the United States see our government and leadership is especially vital after the jingoism of the Bush administration.

    Yesterday a blog I was reading linked to a site that asks non-U.S. citizens how they would vote in the upcoming presidential election. The results thus far are:

    Barack Obama : 87.3% (250,485 votes)
    John McCain : 12.7% (36,295 votes)

    As for the images, I have recently learned that I can use as many different images of Alex as I desire to create the shirts, hats, mugs, etc. at his Cafepress shop. Sooooooo, even though your choice didn’t “win” I can put it on merchandise—even create something special if you request it. OK? (As Alex would say).

    CrazyCath: I hoped you enjoyed Alex’s latest video. He has another in the mill, but he’s been too busy catting around outside for us to finish it.

    To my knowledge—which means that I ain’t gasping for breath—Alex has put no major holes in my nose hose since he got his claw caught in it. Silly cat!

  16. Guess those hoses are pretty durable...considering the abuse Alex doles out to it. :)

  17. I use to have a table cloth exactly the same at yours :)


  18. I hope he's done putting major holes in your nose hose. Silly cat.

    I love the first picture of him, but the second one makes his face look too long. I'm glad the first one's in, though.