Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Mixed Bag

Ready for Halloween

I suppose that I’m ready for Halloween. I have thrity coupons from a local health food store for free, 12 ounce, 100% fruit juice drinks. I also have some miniature candy bars, just in case I run out of coupons—or, if the Trick or Treaters threaten to do harm to my house because they want candy rather than healthy drinks.

I asked Alex if he wanted to be an all-black cat for Halloween and offered to cover his white fur with black shoe polish. Alex glared at me and said….

An Outrage

Yesterday an effigy of Senator Barak Obama, which was wearing an Obama mask and had a rope around its neck, was found on the campus of my alma mater, the University of Kentucky. I was more than slightly put out.

Today, I am glad to report, two men— one of whom is a University of Kentucky student—have been arrested in connection with the effigy. One TV station reported that the culprits claimed what they did was a Halloween prank. I can’t and won’t accept that explanation.

Ready to Work Together for Change

The following video was produced by (Avaaz means Voice in many Asian, Middle Eastern and Eastern European languages).


  1. The Obama "prank" is not funny. I'm glad they were caught. Hope you enjoy your Halloween, Nick!

  2. Makez ME blackie kat fir ur silly spooky nite! U iz a berry berry berry silly hoomin bean! OK?

  3. Alex gave you the right answer!

    The effigy of Obama was just hateful.

    I never heard of Avaaz before. I really resonate with their video!

    Happy Halloween, Nick and Alex.

  4. Of course when the effigy of Palen was hung in California and the two meen said it was just a Halloween prank that was okay.
    So much hate on both sides.
    Such a sad world.

  5. My first scary Halloween experience for today: Just yesterday, I had music from Phantom of the Opera on my mind for the first time in years. I see you did, too, since you've put it on your Music In My Mind Today thingy.

    Alex would have looked cute in black, but I can understand that shoe polish might not feel - or taste - so good.

    Have fun with the Trick or Treaters, Nick!

  6. We're giving out M&Ms and Reese's peanut butter cups. Last year's treat of shares in Merrill Lynch didn't go over so well.

  7. That's not even a prank- that's disgusting. My thoughts: this election is going to be about racism, for both sides. The closer the election comes, the more the ugliness rears its ugly head. I wish it were different........

    On a lighter note, I think you should put a coupla' angel wings on Alex along with a halo. Whaddya' think? The angel cat!

    Happy Halloween, Nick!!!

  8. I just want the election to be OVER! People have nothng new to say, they are just making fools of themselves with their racism and rude behavior.
    Hope you and Alex have a fabulous Halloween !!!!

  9. I really liked the Avaaz video.

    Alex looks fine just the way he is!

  10. That is as bad as the Palin one, but I don't think arrestable. I mean, they are political figures and that is clearly political expression. Just saw they expelled the guys, isn't that extreme? It wasn't racism. Just because a black man is running doesn't make everything negative said against him racist.

    Anyway, I will be happy when this entire thing is over. Hopefully people will gain back some sanity.

    Happy Halloween Nick! Hope you and Alex enjoy yourself:)

  11. Squirl: I agree. No such pranks are at all funny or cute. I probably would not have known about or mentioned this one had it not taken place at my alma mater.

    Alex the Blogging Kat: OK, Mr. Furball! I admit that I am a very silly human.

    China Girl: Yes, yes, and I’m glad I could introduce you to Avaaz.

  12. Dr. John: I did not know about the Palin effigy until I read the news story about the University of Kentucky.

    Kittee83: Thank you!

    Carol: That’s no surprise to me; INFJs have great physic powers, although we tend to deny them.

    The primary reason that I would never put shoe polish on Alex is that I’m sure that he would return the favor by getting it on 90% of all that I own, starting with the bed.

  13. Cris Cohen: Thanks for your visit to Nick’s Bytes. I wish that I had give out M&Ms and Reese's peanut butter cups! I have lots of left over candy, none of which I like.

    Deb: Yes, the U.K. thing was disgusting. Angel wings and a hallo on Alex? Well, first he’d never stand still for it and, second, it would definitely not suit his personality—except when he is sleeping, which is what is doing on my desk beside my computer right now. He’s all curled up and the little fellow does like angelic.

    Auburn haired artist: Thank you. Alex and I had an interesting Halloween: he ran and concealed himself behind the couch when the doorbell rang.

  14. Abby: I agree. That video does offer hope, doesn’t it. Alex thanks you for your comment.

    El: You’re right; I don’t believe that they could be arrested for the effigy hanging—free speech, which I fully support.

    However, these two were arrested for the other nastiness that they got into: breaking into a fraternity house and theft.

  15. alex in black? then he would look like willow, and wills wouldn't stand for that ... :o)

  16. That is a poor explanation of the effigy and a not all all humorous. This could have happened at any University but it is made even worse since it's coming from the South. This just reenforces the image that this part of the nation is still openly racist and behind the times. I know that's not the case but even I said in the back of my mind "it figures" when I saw Kentucky before catching myself.

    In all honesty, the south frightens me with the exception of Florida. Texas scares me more however.

    The video is something I can get behind. I am in total agreement with it. We have hurt our standing in the world thanks to a man bent on being a king and not a president. He will go down as the worst we ever had.