Thursday, October 23, 2008

Will Your Vote Count?

UPDATE: 7:40 PM, 23 October, 2008

It seems that the information in this blog even preceded action by the ACLU (of which I am a member). A few minutes ago I received an email from the ACLU that reads, in part:

The Supreme Court even had to step in to stop unlawful voter suppression tactics when the Ohio Republican Party tried to challenge new registrations based on small inaccuracies in government databases. If this stunt hadn’t been blocked, failed matches could have resulted in hundreds of thousands of lawful voters being purged from the rolls, challenged at the polls or required to cast provisional ballots.

Unfortunately, Ohio is just one of many states facing voter suppression tactics.

The New York Times reported that election officials in at least nine states are violating federal law by either improperly using Social Security data to screen newly registered voters or removing thousands of voters after the federal deadline for doing so expired.

The ACLU is providing information on voting rights in each state: You may click HERE to learn what your voting rights are so that you, your family, and friends will not be turned away from the poles on November 4th.

Or will it?

On Tuesday Carol for Peace shared some excerpts from an article in Rolling Stone Magazine by Greg Palast and Robert Kennedy Jr. The issue is the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election (that, folks, is less than two weeks away) and the G.O.P dirty tricks agenda to prevent potential Obama supporters from voting.

I’ll let Robert Kennedy, Jr, and Greg Palast tell you about it:

If you want to continue the video for more information, part two of the above video is here.

OK? Now, I’m not completely paranoid about the G.O.P. However, since the days of Tricky Dicky Nixon and the last two Presidential elections, I’ll not doubt any possibility.

After exploring the site Steal Back Your Vote, I believe that a scheme aimed at preventing legitimate voters from voting is a very real possibility.

Please don’t accept or reject my evaluation out of hand. OK? Please do your own evaluation! OK?


  1. every one has a right to vote! to try to deny some one that right is just flat out UNAMERICAN!!!!

  2. Thanks for posting about this, Nick. I just watched the video. To think that 1/5 of the Colorado voters will be disenfranchised...

    I plan to read Palast's and Kennedy's comic book, but I find it hard to believe that we can stop election theft when so many things can be done behind the scenes.

  3. That's terrible, Nick. I can't believe that people would stoop so low. Whatever happened to may the best man win? It doesn't shed a very good light on McCain's party, does it?

    However, hopefully, right will prevail and Obama will win...he's looking pretty good at the moment. Let's hope it continues despite the dirty tricks committee.

  4. Thank you for letting us know about this.

  5. I hate the whole mess. We know that in this country dead people vote but if you try to stop them then good live people may lose their chance. I say better to error on the side that makes sure all live people get to vote.

  6. It's a sad thing to think that it was intentionally done to favor one party, however it's even sadder to believe that because of human error and names not matching as seen on identifications, that our votes can be thrown out. This is another reason why I really don't want to vote.

    Remember the whole fiasco with the Florida ballots? Didn't they have to vote again?

  7. Why do you think they've got a microscope on Acorn? I'm sure the abuse there is minute. The vote-stealing abuse is inexcusable.

  8. I'm inclined to believe that if the nazi neocons try to rig this election, there will be riots in the street. I'm sure I'll be inciting one here in Missoula.

    One good thing going for us this time: Obama's got big brass balls. He's not gonna sit back and let them screw us again...they way Gore and Kerry did. Those men should have fought for us. What wusses they turned out to be. Obama's no wuss.

  9. Thats terrible, good thing you could let others know.

  10. So have you guys got the tar and feathers ready for the Republicans yet?

    What about all the Republicans that the Democrats tried to "disenfranchise" in Florida in 2000 by only conducting a recount in the heavily democratic counties? They should have pushed for a recount of the entire state if they were really worried about everyones vote counting. Funny, I do not hear anyone saying how unjust that was. Also what about ACORN? Some people should be going to prison over this and the names turned in should be scrutinized BUT for heaven sakes, if they are legitimate then make sure they can vote and force this to be done before November 4th. No one should be denied their right to vote especially over a technicality but voter fraud can not be tolerated either. If you do not think there is voter fraud then tell me, do you still believe in Santa Clause too?

    Both parties play dirty tactics and if you do not believe that you are not checking facts and are just listening to political propaganda (again by both parties) that is only a hair away from lies.

    The best thing all of you can do is vote regularly. To make sure you can vote, check to make sure you are registered and, if not, correct what ever was done now while there is still time to fix things and don't wait until you are in line to vote. Be responsible and proactive and don't just blame everyone else for things you should have done. The less people that have problems on election day the more time that can be spent correcting the problems that will no doubt occur.

    Sorry for stirring the pot but come on people, stop whining and personally do something about it. Be sure you are registered. Be sure you vote. Drag people along with you when you do vote. Be sure your coworkers know you voted. If more first time voters would have voted in Ohio than Ohio would not have went red.

  11. i am in agreeance with barman up there. I know i vote in a different country, but i ensure that my info is correct (i moved this year) and that i have my id etc so i am ready to vote. i knew my vote wouldn't count in the area that i am in, but that doesn't sway me from voting.. you have to have your say.

  12. This is ridiculous. I just read that all that they need is to verify the votes are legitimate. This seems reasonable to me. Regardless of party affiliation, Americans' votes are taken away when fraud is committed. I worry about that being a resident of Florida myself. I would rather that all be verified as American citizens and not voting multiple times as well. It seems to me that the ACLU is doing more to hurt the situation. Also, I have to add that people should be worried more about ACORN than anything else this election. I would be upset if there was an organization committing fraud to make a republican candidate win, and I believe that it is wrong that democrats aren't acknowledging the fraud simply because it is to their benefit.

    Oh, just saw braman's comment, yeah, he has the point.