Friday, December 26, 2008

Lots of Christmas Eve Photos

When I was a child—even through young adulthood—Christmas Eves were spent with my mother’s siblings, who took turns hosting the gatherings. Christmas days were spent with my father’s family. I grew up thinking that everyone spent Christmas in the same manner. Well, of course that’s not a valid belief!

For most of the past ten years I have spent Christmas Eve alone—with the exception of Muffin or Alex. The Christmas after my wife and I separated, I tried to spend Christmas with my now ex-wife, her sisters, nieces, and my two sons. After exchanging gifts, I was invited to leave by her sister who said that I was “no longer part of the family.” Since then I have spent Christmas Eve and/or Christmas with friends—or, with Muffin or Alex.

This year was different. This Christmas Eve my son and his family came to my house and we celebrated as a family. I spent the entire day excitedly awaiting their arrival! Alex, however, was not impressed by the arrival of the four hoomin bean kittehz. (In case you don’t read Alexicon, Alex’s blog, hoomin bean kittehz is “kat-speak” for human children). But I had a great time with gifts exchanged, hot chocolate and homemade Christmas sugar cookies, and especially being surrounded by my family!

Below are just a few of the photographs my son, Nick, and I took on Christmas Eve:

Alex spent the time that my grandchildren were here hiding in places of refuge and keeping alert to the possible approach of any hoomin bean kittehz.


  1. Nick, I love those alex shirts. Very cute indeed!

    I can't beleive that your sister in law would do that. On Christmas too. That was cruel and quite petty. Even if she didn't see you as part of the family, your sons sure would have.

    I'm glad you had a good one.


  2. I'm glad you had a nice Christmas.

    My family couldn't get together on Christmas Day, but they're all coming in tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a noisy house!

  3. Your son looks so much like you! I think that Alex may be remembered clearly by the visitors...

  4. Nice photos there, Nick! Sounds like you all had fun.

    The young people look great in their Alex t-shirts!

  5. What a fun time you had with your son and his family. The grands are just too cute. They must have been so much fun to have around. Ilove the Alex tees! I am so thankful that you had family with you.

    My husband and I spent a quiet night together. We went to communion and then came home and listened to music. He did have to leave yesterday, but will return today.

    Blessings Nick and Alex.

  6. How cruel your SIL was!

    I'm so pleased you got to spend Christmas with your family this year Nick. I hope it's the start of a Christmas tradition! :)

  7. I am so glad you had a wonderful Christmas Eve, Nick. Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures.

  8. How wonderful for all of you! The children look adorable in their Alex tees and you look like a very happy grampa.

    Happy New Year, Nick.

    Big hugs,

  9. Glad you were able to see your son and grand kids Nick, always a better holiday when you have family :)

  10. How wonderful that your son and family came and celebrated with you.
    So many of us expected that we wopuld carry on the traditions of our childhood only to discover life didn't work that way.

  11. Nick, sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. Love the photos! And as we are now into Christmastide...Merry Christmas!

  12. marvelous photos , deep seated memories sandy

  13. How lovely that you were surrounded by loving family this year. Can't imagine how it must have hurt to have been turned out by your SIL. I know you'd never do anything like that. And how handy that she waited until gifts were opened.

    Alex looks pretty content in that first photo. :-)

  14. what an awesome family you have Nick! Bless them all, and you too! I'm so happy they spent Christmas with you.

  15. Nick the Alex shirts are just classic! Thanks for sharing your photos of Christmas with the rest of us and it looks like you had a very good holiday. I particularly like the one photo of Alex with what appears to be a miniature Christmas tree!

  16. Phishez: Thank you. I hope you are having grand holidays, too.

    Alex and I are happy that you like his shirts. You know that he sells the online at the Alex the Kat Shop along like lots of other things with him mug on them—including mugs!

    After all of these years I have forgiven my ex-sister-in-law; however, at the time, having “part of the family” for 30 years, I was felt very wounded by her action.

    Thomas: Thank you. I hope that you have been having fun in the noisy house with all of the children around.

    Crazy Cath: Yep, Nick does look a lot like me—except that I have more hair than he! Yes, I know they remember Alex and Alex certainly remembers when he was a kitten and they carried him around like a doll. Thus, his scatting into his hiding places.

  17. Carol: I really believe that a great time was had by all—especially me!

    The Alex shirts seemed to really impress the children! Well, the girls anyway. Lee, the boy, may have been less thrilled about wearing a photo of a cat sticking out his tongue.

    Finding Pam: You and your husband spent what sounds to me like a perfect evening.

    My evening was short compared to the Christmas Eves of my youth: they were her for about an hour and a half. However, that is perfect for my present régime. I took an early evening nap after they departed.

    Akelamalu: Cruel? Perhaps my ex-SIL was. However, she has been much the same way for as long as I have known her and I knew (and dated) her before I met her sister who became my wife.

  18. Sooo glad to hear the family came over to celebrate Christmas with you!
    Thanks for sharing photos from your time together and it sure looks like the Alex tee's were a BIG hit! Very cute.

    Happy Holidays!

  19. I'm late getting around, but I'm here. I love this post! I'm so glad your son and his family were with you! It makes it special, doesn't it? Happiness, friend. :)