Thursday, December 04, 2008

Seasonal Changes

The holiday spirit is within me more this year than it has been in a very long time. As I previously wrote, I don’t know why I feel the sense of serenity and hope now than in the past, but I do.

In some ways that isn’t logical, is it Mr. Spock? After all, my breathing is at an all time low—except for when I’ve had pneumonia or bronchitis. My need for oxygen has increased and my (still) limited supply of bottle oxygen now lasts even less time because I must set the liters/minute at a higher rate. The VA has messed up my last two appointments with no explanation, not even the normal “it was a computer glitch.”  Considering at of this, what is evoking my hopeful mood is not rational.

Yet, as Andy Williams sings:

Since it has gotten cooler outside, the relationship between Alex and me is now in its winter mode. That means that the furball hangs around me (and on me) almost constantly. He stays beside me, as he is now, napping under the high intensity lamp on my desk:

He sleeps beside me, even crawling under the covers.

I have no illusion that Alex cares for me more than he did in the summer. It’s simply that he has a prejudice against being cold and I provide him with warmth in many ways.

Friday, unless the crick rises or there is some other unforeseen nuisance, I have asked Tasha to help me decorate the house, as she did last year:

So, I am in the mood for a delightful Christmas and, as Burl Eves—who some say that I resemble—sings:

P.S. ~ The Song in My Mind Today at the top of my sidebar will contain lots of holiday music for the next several weeks!


  1. What a nice post!

    Go with your Christmas spirit regardless. It is a blessing to get excited about the holidays, to see potential for special things to happen.

    Enjoy decorating your home. And give Alex a rub under the chin for me.

  2. Your home looks lovely, Nick. Funny - I've been feeling much more festive this year myself - more at peace too.

    It just feels "good" this year. :-)

    My festive wish is I hope you get more oxygen for your New Year.

    Oh - and looking at your side bar book choices. I live in the area where Eileen Caddy lived. :-) On a clear day I can see the Findhorn foundation.

  3. I hear the hope and joy in your words, Nick. You have raised my hope, too. Thank you for the Christmas songs!

  4. I'm glad you're feeling the way you do. When the Buddha talked about being beyond suffering he didn't mean that crap wasn't going to happen. You go beyond suffering by going past the crap and finding the joy and hope.

    And Alex sure looks happy in all of those shots. :-)

  5. What Squirl said...
    I was touched by what you wrote, because the true joy is always there, beneath our attachment to all that appears to be going on. You are that true joy/love/whatever-you-want-to-call-it while lack of oxygen or whatever is happening.

    Your Song In My Mind Today is definitely in my top ten Christmas favorites.

    Thank you for this post, Nick. Your joy, hope and love are contagious.

  6. I can confidently say that Alex and my Jess would get on purrfectly. They seem very clingy-on which is actually rather flattering.

    I do hope you are okay. The photo of you is so lovely, you do look at peace with yourself and very happy.

    CJ xx

  7. Feel better Nick! Tinkerbell does the winter cuddle too, but I try toconvince myself it's the extra Christmas spirit :)

  8. it's nice to se eyou in the x-mas spirt Nick ! !!! I love x-mas, and am generally pleased when others are enjoying the season.

    Alex may not love you any more, but he certainly doesn't love you less.. he is a great companion.

  9. Oooh, it's very Christmasy over here! Cute picture of you and Alex. It was nice to see you at the Manor and thought I'd pop over to say hello. :^)

  10. I love the photo of you and Alex all Christmassy Nick. Sorry to hear your breathing is getting worse but I'm sure you'll enjoy Christmas nevertheless. x

  11. yay. i'm happy to hear you are happy :)

  12. Glad your happy.
    The 1000 blogs seal looks great ( your fast).
    It's odd but the past week has been a rough breathing week for me as well.

  13. I love the photos !! It's taken me a while to gather the Christmas spirit, but I am getting there. Hope is always the best place to start.

    Take care, love ya,

  14. Interesting that you say you are more in the holiday mood this year, because I was thinking the same thing. I think I will put up my tree and decorate next week. It think it will be interesting to see how my new 4-leggers tolerate the tree and various decorations. Several pieces go on the floor under the tree, and I may have to find a new place for them out of reach of curious paws and teeth!

    I hadn't thought about your resemblance to BI, but now I see it a bit! My dad loved his music, and it was a staple at my home as a teenager. Good memories. :)

    Loved this post.

  15. Nice photos. I enjoyed listeng to Burl Eves again.

  16. Nick, you look great in that Santa hat and your red shirt with your lovely cat,Alex, I love the pictures of your home so beautifully decorated for Christmas. Blessings and love. Stay warm and well.

  17. That's a lovely photo of you and Alex by the Christmas tree, Nick.

    What a positive post. Just goes to show that, despite setbacks, we are given the serenity to cope with them, if we allow it.

  18. I love all this Nick! And your cat? Well, I'm a cat lover from way back, so I really enjoyed the photos.

  19. Great picture! You and Alex look wonderful

  20. and you'll be happy to know wills is on the mend. he's now going outside again, although i'm keeping a close watch on him. he doesn't like the cold much either.

  21. Love your decorations and your choice of music. Oh, and I love Alex as well! Auguroni to you from Sicily.