Friday, February 27, 2009

Morning Thoughts

I was awakened about 4:00 AM this morning by hard rain on the roof and winds rattling the one window in my bedroom. Alex evidently awoke before me because he was burrowing into the comforter that cover me—then, with Alex beneath it, us.

Moments after I awakened, the radio buzzed with that horrid noise that means that the National Weather Service is broadcasting a warning: Thunderstorms this morning and early afternoon with possible high winds.

Now that that storm has passed by it is a relatively pleasant 53 F outside. Alex and I have explored our pre-dawn deck. I found it nice; Alex found it to be too wet and retreated rather than get his paws wet. He is again curled up on my desk beneath the warming of the high intensity lamp. 

When the sun rises, I plan to spend time out on the deck, at least between rain showers. I hope Alex will join me if the floor of the deck dries. The National Weather Service tells me that tonight the 50s F temperatures will drop to near freezing and we shall have snow tomorrow. Alex will not put his paws into snow except when he is very frustrated with being housebound.

So, here I am concerned about the weather when yesterday I was concerned with perfidious preaching about justice and peace. Isn’t it weird how quickly our minds can change from centering on one concern to considering another? Actually, we don’t switch day by day but more realistically moment by moment. A second ago my mind was on writing this post; then, when I noticed Alex slinking toward me, my mind shifted to watching him in case his plan was to get my attention by putting a claw into my leg. Now, with Alex up on my desk bathing his self, my focus has returned to writing this post.

I am reminded of listening to the BBC World Service news this morning. In a less than five minutes, my mind was taken from rebellion in Bangladesh to Iraq Afghanistan to Tokyo, to Washington, D.C. Marvelously, my mind was able to follow those transitions and I can even remember the gist of the stories. Is there any story on which I desire to focus? Not at the moment. Perhaps later.

Isn’t it grand how many subjects we humans can consider is such brief time? At the moment I am considering taking a morning nap!


  1. I see nose following is a universal habit...

  2. Alex is so cute asleep on your desk. I hope that you don't get a lot of snow. Stay warm and enjoy the weekend.


  3. The working of the mind are amazing. Have you ever noticed that you can be in the middle of a conversation about one thing, and your mind is triggered and begins a rapid series of skips over related thoughts, landing on something that is unrelated, yet your mind has connected, say, war in Iraq to summer vacation plans. I would love to be able to create a video of the chain of thoughts in someone's mind. Can you imagine the blur of thoughts?

    Now you have me thinking, so I might as well get busy for the day. See what you've done? ;D Thanks, Nick!

  4. We do only live in the moment. There is nothing else. I'm getting closer to understanding this. Sounds like you've got it. :-)

  5. Oh, the impermanence of it all!

    I think that nap thought was the best thought of all.

  6. Actually I sometimes think our torqued up world is due in part to news traveling at the speed of light....we take in troubles, triumphs and more all across the globe in seconds! I am a big fan of news out! A nice news break, as if I were on me an ostrich or insensitive perhaps...but Yikes I can only take in so much info in one sitting! That said.....
    Love this post, so thought provoking and it gave me such visuals....I LOVE Alex the cat, even if he is a leg grabber/scratcher!!! Thanks for posting Nick, you're the best!

  7. I am certain that you have interesting thoughts all day and probably in your dreams, too, Rev Saint!

  8. A news break and a nap ... now that sounds GOOD!