Saturday, March 07, 2009

It’s a Beautiful Day!

Yesterday and again today have been so fantastic that Alex and I have spent as much time as possible out-of-doors—with Alex spending much more time than I. In fact, Alex spent all of yesterday, except for this six meals and a couple of indoor catnaps, out in the sunlight. Well, the darkness, too: he was outside from 11:00 PM to close to 4:00 AM this morning.

I have been on my deck reading and finished two of the three books I was reading at the same time:

Alex spent a bit of time, when he wasn’t cattin’ around, sunning himself on the deck on a chair near mine:

OK! That’s enough blogging for the moment. The sun is shining and the temperature is 72 F. The outside world is calling and I’m going out to join Alex! 


  1. Sunshine definitely does a body good! Enjoy * Enjoy, spring has sprung, for the moment anyway, her in VA too. We're getting May weather in March!

  2. Enjoy the sun! Blogging can always come another time!

  3. We got up into the upper 40s yesterday. It was even mid-60s a bit further inland. Enjoy your weather.

    Thich Nhat Hanh is quite amazing.

  4. We hit 70 here today too - a wonderful change! I even sat outside on our deck for awhile! Glad you and Alex are enjoying the good weather.

  5. It is beautiful here too. Tomorrow will be just as wonderful. I may take my laptop outside tomorrow. Your day sounded puuurrrfect.

  6. Ah, yes, it was a beautiful day in the Ozarks as well. We got up to 80 degrees, and the 5 cats that live with me, enjoyed it as much as I did. And we enjoyed hearing from Alex!

    Happy Spring, Mr. Nick and Katz!



  7. I'm happy that you and Alex got to warm your souls in the beautiful sunshine.

    Nothin' like a good book and a sunny spring day!

  8. It was bucketing down more snow here... so no sun bathing for me! lol.. i will be lucky to do that come June though ;)

    Hope you enjoyed the book :)

  9. Ah, spring is coming to your neck of the woods. Enjoy the days before it gets too hot.