Thursday, March 26, 2009

Off to Another MD

Today (Thursday) I’m off to another MD for another set of tests and possibly another diagnosis. It means driving into “downtown” Louisville: I know the location, but I don’t know the building or what the parking situation is. The last time I did this, Tasha ended up pushing my heavy wheelchair (and heavier me) 3 blocks to the office and 3 blocks back. She also had to make that trip without me to obtain another bottle of oxygen when the one I had began to run out. This time I have a map from my house to the medical office that shows me everything except the nearest parking facility:

Does it sound as if I’m not excited about this trip? I’m not. I’d rather spend my limited oxygen resources on something fun, such as a visit to one of Louisville’s museums or a music concert—anything other than a new physician and more testing!

On the positive side, the edema in my legs seems less and less with each new day. I’m surprised how quickly the swelling is going down. I may even be comfortable wearing shoes today!

Alex, who just awakened from a nap on my desk, says “meow” to everyone. I thought earlier this evening that he and I were going to write a new post for his blog. Instead, he curled up on the desk and napped. Silly cat!


  1. Hey Nick! Glad to know that your legs are getting better. The cat looks cute.
    Here is wishing that this time around you are able to find a parking place, closer.
    Good health, always...

  2. Hope this trip is easier than the last, hope it is even fun. And that you get a good diagnosis.

  3. Good luck on finding close parking today. That's great that the swelling in your legs is going down.

    If you have the energy and time I have some flower and butterfly pictures up that you might enjoy.

    Have a good day!

  4. I trust that all will go well with you today, Saintly Nick.

  5. Mr. Nick,

    Glad to hear the edama is easing. I hope the day goes well, without any setbacks! Alex is a cutie.

    Hugs and blessings,


  6. SSN, that is great news about the swelling in your legs. I pray that this trip goes better than the last.


  7. Ugh, I hate parking issues. That's why I live in the country. However, it sounds as if you don't have a choice about this visit. May it go well.


  8. It's good to hear the edema is lessening. I hope it will continue to give you relief.

    I hope you have good luck with the parking. Did you think to call the office and ask about it? And sometimes you can zoom those maps in and actually tell where parking is. Anyway, good luck!

  9. Good to hear your legs are feeling better Nick. We have disabled parking badges that allow holders to park where others dare not - do you not have anything like there there? Anyway I hope you find a parking spot right on the doorstep and good luck with the tests. x

  10. You are in my thoughts and prayers, Nick.

  11. Kulpreet: It’s great to hear from you, dear friend! I was able to part in the space that was the closest for the front door of the building!

    Kaahumanu: Thank you! It turned out to be a grand trip!

    Squirl : Thank you! Things seems to be improving. Yesterday I was tired out by the trip, but today I’ll find time to drop by and gaze at your delightful photography.

    China Girl: Thank you! Your trust was validated!

  12. Renie Burghardt : Thank you, dear Renie! The edema seems to be improving every day and yesterday’s journey was very rewarding.

    Alex thanks you for the compliment; he knows that he is a cutie and plays on that every chance that he can.

    ThomasLB : Thank you, my dear friend. The trip went better than expected.

    Finding Pam: Thank you, my friend. Yesterday’s trip was excellent all around. I shall write about it sometime today.

    Liberality : Yep, parking is a problem these days: too many people trying to get into the same parking spot at the same time! Thank you: all went remarkably well.

  13. Lynilu: Thank you for your suggestion! I did call the office and ask about parking. The receptionist told me about a lot right beside the building that I may easily have missed because of another parking lot in front of that one. As it turned out, I parted in front of the main entrance, about 10 m. from the door.

    Ex-Louisville Guy: Thank you! I always appreciate prayers.

  14. Ooh, Nick. Good luck with tests and I hope you find parking relatively close by. I'm glad to hear the oedema in your legs is settling. That can be so limiting to one's movements.

    All the best and I'll be thinking of you.

  15. Puss-in-Boots Thank you, dear friend! All went well at the visit—very well!