Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I am...

(you may click on any graphic for a much larger view)

amazed how easily one can forget.

amazed how cat-like I have become regarding naps.

amazed that I did not realize this years ago:

amazed that people from so many countries have visited Nick's Bytes.

not amazed by day of the week that brings the most visitors to Nick's Bytes.

amazed by how much I love the city of Louisville

amazed how much I allow this ball of fur to control my actions.

amazed how addicted I have become to this game!

not amazed (YAWN) at this:


  1. I loved this!
    I love Farmtown too although I'm struggling to add neighbours.
    You both look very cute having a snooze!

  2. It IS all amazing!

    I enjoyed being amazed along with you, Nick!

  3. Awesome post! I really enjoyed this. I had to leave the world of FarmTown because I spent too much time on it... :\ But it is addicting!

    This is a great photo of you and Alex! :)

  4. I likez dem pikturez ob ME! Now, letz takez a nappiez. OK?

  5. The best naps are with my cat because she curls up in my arms.
    Great post today.

  6. I appreciate the simplicity of this post, Rev. Saint. Well done, comrade!

  7. An amazing post :) Good night to you and Alex. Be blessed Nick.

  8. I can never understand the traffic patterns of my blog either. There is no rhyme or reason.

    Good call on the Cheney thing. The resemblance is uncanny.

  9. Amazement, next to awe, is the healthiest reminder of our humanity! Thanks for this one, Nick!

  10. An amazing post! I'm NOT surprised at how many people visit your lovely blog!

  11. this life IS amazing ... wonderful post Nick! Your Alex is such a cool kat ... how do I know this ... he hangs out with YOU!
    I too marvel at the worldwide connections blogging brings ... it truly IS a beautiful thing!
    oxoxo ~*~ Patty

  12. I'm amazed at how Farmtown on Facebook has taken over our lives. lol

  13. One big mystery and can be interesting if taken the time to be open to most of it.

    Recently saw a post about the moon and exploration: to me, since we can't get along and work with people here, we'd best not attempt to live anywhere else.

    Hope all is well in your hood!