Saturday, October 17, 2009

More Mishmash

Play is the work of children. It's very serious stuff. ~ Bob Keeshan


Alex again has allergic dermatitis, this time the hair on his tail and kitty cat butt have fallen out. No, I did not take any pictures of his tail and butt to share: that would be an embarassment for Alex.

We went to the vet yesterday (Friday). She diagnosed the hair loss as allergic dermatitis. Alex was not happy about the trip or the two shots he received. Dr. Caryl said that if Alex has not improved in a week, to bring him back. I pray the little fellow heals fast.

Alex has found a new nesting/napping spot: the bottom shelf of our kitchen cupboard. The first time I discovered that he was there, my caregiver had shut (and locked ) the door. I look all over the house for the furball! Then I opened the cupboard doors and there he was--napping. He wasn't the least concerned about being locked in. (Of course, when he decided he wanted a meal, that would have changed.

I wondered why my feline friend selected that new spot. Then I realized that the cupboard is dark, quiet, and warm (it's right next to the furnace floor register). It seems that Alex has a knack for finding the warmest places in this house.


I have been considering adding another blog to my publishing portfolio, a blog composed of old and new photos plus graphics that I have created through the years.

What do you think of the idea?

I also am thinking about deleting Nick's Splendid Blog Roll, the blog that I set up just to list my favorite blogs when I couldn't get Nick's Bytes' Excellent Blogs list to function. I've not posted to it in more than two years.

As much as I dislike doing it, I believe that it is time to remove the 23 blogs on my list of Excellent Blogs on Nick's Bytes sidebar that have not published in a year or so. To do so is like saying good-bye to very good friends.

This is a fabulous video on friendship:


  1. The video is so sweet. Animals can teach us a lot, can't they? Now if the humans would just pay attention!

    I recently cleaned up my list of bogs I read, too, sadly letting go of quite a few who have faded away. Really hated to let them go, but there is no sense in keeping them in the list when they have become inactive.

    A picture blog is neat. I know not a lot of people check mine regularly (and I've been irregular about posting to it, too), but I enjoy it, as do the few who follow it.

  2. I know nothing about blogging, Rev Saint, but I do enjoy looking at pictures. You have my vote for a picture blog.

    I hope little Alex heals well. Rub his handsome head for me.

  3. Have you had any snow?I saw some parts of Ky. How close are you to Lancaster Ky. She my friend is on my sidebar. She's a crafter and they raise unique sheep.

    My next item of business. don;t know if your very would approve but I sometimes use viamin e oil . It's inexpensive and works on allergic places, hot spots, cuts and me as well.

    Louisville plays Wva soon look out !! sandy

  4. I enjoyed the video,as far as deleting stuff,that is up to you.creating a new blog well let's se I have a total of 3 blogs on Blogger and 2 on wordpress,I really do not post much on the other blogs it seems that Rambling Stuff AKA Golch Central get the most attention from be.

  5. Sweet video...

    I hope that Alex heals and can avoid more shots. I love the way animals find neat, little curl-up places!

    As far as a new blog, I say "Follow your heart".

  6. Lynilu: Yes, animals are amazing. When I see two with such comradeship as this duck and dog--one a herbivore and the other a carnivore--I feel joy for them and sadness that we humans can't/won't share that same simple love.

    I think I understand what you mean about picture blogs: I seldom think about visiting them unless there is a specific invitation in a blog post.

  7. Azsonofagun: Thank you, Rex. Alex seems OK, although he has been quite sleepy. I think that may be from the two shots he received from his vet on Friday.

  8. i beati : We've no snow here yet, although I've had people tell me they have seen the occasional falling flake.

    I have used vitamin E oil in the past, although I have none at the moment. I have found it to be quite healing.

  9. Mike: That is a neat video, isn't it! At the moment I have 4 blogs other than Nick's Bytes, although the only other one really active is Alex's Alexicon.

  10. Carol: Thank you. The vet tells me that cats (and dogs) who suffer from allergic dermatitis never really get rid of it; it reappears at different parts of their bodies at irregular intervals. When it was on Alex's tummy, it took a very long time to heal

  11. Oh poor Alex!

    I don't know how you manage more than one blog - I struggle with one!

  12. Poor Alex! Simi and I hope he is better soon. He does seem to know exactly where the warm spaces are, doesn't he? I think the new blog idea is a good one. It's sad when you have to take people off a blogroll, but you can always readd them if they start posting again.