Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I seldom write about sports, but...

Sunday's football game between the Indianapolis Colts and New York Jets is an exception. The Colts the 29-15 loss to the Jets should/could not have been. That it ended the longest winning streak in NFL history and the possibility of the first team to go undefeated throughout a season since the Miami Dolphins did it decades ago .has me taking more than just a little notice.

In case you missed the story:

   The Indianapolis Colts violated the public trust Sunday. Two games away from a rare perfect regular season, the Colts shut it down midway through the third quarter against the New York Jets.
   After having taken a 15-10 lead on a short touchdown run by Donald Brown, the Colts pulled their three-time NFL MVP quarterback Peyton Manning from the game. The Colts said they did not want to risk injury to their best player or other starters so they flooded the field with reserves.
   The Mannings, Dallas Clarks and Reggie Waynes were replaced by the Curtis Painters, Hank Basketts and Jacob Tammes. The Colts managed only 47 yards and one first down over their final six possessions as their perfect season went down the drain in an ugly 29-15 loss to the inferior Jets.~ Why the Indianapolis Colts failed their fans:Rick Gosselini, Sports Day 

I felt very sad watching that game. The dejection I saw on the faces of Peyton Manning and the other "stars" who were pulled from the game tore into me. My sadness may also go back to my own days of playing high school football,where is learned that a teams needs to focus on the present contest and play the best one can in each game.

The Game:

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  1. I'm a pro football fan, but I agree with you on that kind of "strategy." Often through the years, I've seen decisions made that seem ludicrous. Of course, we look at it as "entertainment," but for the owners it is $$$. The prize of the Superbowl out weighs all else, and once a position of division leader is secured, the games become limp, IMO.

  2. People here in Indy are upset.

    I like that Buddha you have pictured.


  3. The colts do soo much better that the cleveland browns.the sad part is that it is the coach that is always blamed for bad performance of the team.It is a fact that the "players"
    are the ones that are responcible for winning and loseing.I for one am sick and tired of coachs,or manangers being fired because the team does not get behind him a suppotr the team.OH I forgot they the "players"get paid big money win or lose.

  4. A very wonderful and happy nude year to you Nick! I know nothing about that post by the way and its utterly mysterious to me...!X

  5. sport - yawn yawn yawn

    might as well have been chinese, sorry nick :>)

  6. I've been watching the's been like watching grass grow!

  7. ahh, we'll make a footie fan of you yet, nick!!