Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Notes from a Sleeping Brain

My brain feels as if it is asleep. Perhaps it is and I am dreaming this post. If it is a dream, I hope that I remember some of what I'm writing because I want to really post it.

With all that I read and heard about the medical insurance industry (remember: I've been licensed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky as a life and medical insurance agent--one of the least productive ideas I have had) I did not realize until today that the insurance industry is exempt from United States antitrust laws.

That is absurd! Considering the greedy and avaricious nature of the insurance industry, why should they be exempt from anti-trust oversight.

Last Sunday (January 3rd) my baby-sister, Deborah Ann Temple Bennett, turned 60 years old!

Last night (Monday night) my C-PAP breathing mask broke. I am quite happy that my brain was not asleep when it broke; otherwise I would have gotten no sleep at all. After realizing that the plastic thingie that holds the straps that enable the top of the mask to cover my face as well as guiding the oxygen hose into the mask couldn't be repaired (even with Super Glue), my brain kicked into advanced problem solving mode.

Somewhere amid all of the data stored in my mind I found a memory of the last time I was hospitalized. I was provided a C-PAP mask even though the technician who was supposed to bring a hospital C-PAP machine to my room did show up until as I getting ready to be discharged. She told me that the mask was mine; so I brought it home and stuck it somewhere.

If you read my post about my filing skills, you'll remember that I have none. For me, out of sight is out of mind. Soooooooo, where did I ut that mask?

Surprisingly I found the mask almost immediately. It is a type of mask that I have never used before: a mask that covers both nose and mouth. (I'm used to a nose only mask). It took me a while to figure out and make the strap adjustments, after which I did get some quality sleep even though the mask leaked some air.

The air leaks came from the mask not being made to accomodate my long hair and beard. If I want to continue using this mask, I'll have to cut my hair and greatly reduce my beard. I think that I shall use this mask doe only as long as it takes me to save the copay for a nose-only mask.

One last note before my brain really demands to shut down and rest.

It is COLD here! Therefore, Alex has returned to the habit he had when he was a kitten and adolescent cat of sleeping beside me and, at times, suckling my fingers. Those OK. I relish cuddling with my furball! And, his body is warm!


  1. I can't think of anything scarier than having any part of the equipment that supplies *life* give out. I'm so glad you had that mask on hand!

    Take care, Nick.

  2. Happy that you had a back up mask & can relate to your form of filing! same here. Nice that you & Alex can keep one another good & warm!

  3. Just as well you had a back up mask, Nick. Remember to get another back up, unless you can get your old one repaired.

    My cats sleep on the bed winter and summer and in the hot nights at the moment, it's a bit much.

  4. Take care Nick, stay warm!
    Happy Healthy New Year to you and Alex!

  5. I hope that you & Mr. Alex are keeping warm.