Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beyond the Calendar

According to the calendar, today is the first day of Spring. Years ago I learned not to depend on dates to announce the change of seasons. For examole, today I don't believe that the folks west of me who are still dealing with snow in one form or another can accept that Spring is here.

This First Day of Spring in Louisville has announced the change of seasons well beyond the date on the calendar. Outside my window I can hear birds chirping and the voices of children playing, watch squirrels scampering around,  and enjoy the colors of newly bloomed flowers...

The daffodils along the fenceline in my back yard are in full bloom:

Alex and I spent the afternoon out on our deck:

Unfortunately, my old bed is still on the deck and blocks much of my view of the back yard:

Alex tried to push the old bed aside to improve my view, but it was too heavy for my little fellow:

In the late afternoon, we went out on the front porch, where Alex had fun and got a bit of exercise chasing his birdie-on-a-string:

Alex and I had a delightful First Day of Spring. We hope that you did, too.


  1. Your day sounds much better than mine, Nick. It snowed about 3" and my tummy was upset. The snow is melting and I'm feeling better, but still....

    At least it is spring and you and Alex had a beautimous day!

  2. My first sighting of daffodils always says winter has ended.

  3. It appears that you and the wonderful Alex had a most enjoyable day, Rev. Saint!

  4. Our daffodils aren't open yet and it's still a little chilly to be sitting outside, though I did do a couple of jobs in the garden today. It was nice to get some fresh air. :)

  5. Glad you had such a sunny day. Weather here in the UK was similar ... and our daffodils are out now too ... albeit about 3/4 weeks later than last year.

  6. Wow! I can't believe your daffodils! We have short, stubby beginnings of tulips poking out through the snow. It will be awhile before the bulbs are blooming here. But seeing your flowers, I smile.

    I'm glad that you and Alex have been able to enjoy some warm temps outside.

  7. Spring came to NJ this week, though, I have't seen too many flowers yet.

  8. happy spring

    alex is sooooooooooooooo cute