Thursday, April 01, 2010

Coffee House - Sorta

Song of Gathering ~ Joe Wise

Welcome to our Wednesday Coffee House on Thursday. Well, it sorta like our Wednesday Coffee Houses. It's on Thursday rather than Wednesday, We're serving bread and wine rather than coffee. However, we do have some very good music, which you'll know if you've listened to Song of Gathering, above.
All of the songs today are written and sung by former Louisvillian, Joe Wise. Please take a moment to be introduced to Joe, writer, singer, artist, scholar, and all around good guy, and his wife artist wife, artist and teacher, Maleita. Their webstite is simply entited Joe and Maleita Wise. Click on over when you have the chance. You'll not regret meeting Joe and Maleita!

Our time together today will be short -- just 4 short songs. I hope it is as spiritual and meaningful to you as it is to me.

Now on with our supper.

Gifts of Bread and Wine

Take Our Bread ~ Joe Wise

The Blessing and the Meal

The Sacrament of the Last Supper ~ Salvador Dali

Bread and Wine ~ Joe Wise

Go Now in Peace

Go Now in Peace ~ Joe Wise


  1. Thank you my wonderful friend.

    I think my favourite song was the last one... and it put me in a Guthrie frame of mind.

    Isn't it funny how taking a small break from life and listening to such beautiful music feels just as rewarding as actually sitting on a pew in church?

    Peace be with you, Nick.

  2. Anndi: You are most welcome.

    Of these songs by Joe Wise, Go now in Peace is my favorite, too. I used to sing it periodically as a benediction at the end of worship services and as the benediction at a couple of weddings, just before the recessional.

    I agree with you about taking a small break from life by listening to beautiful music. I have come back to these songs twice so far today; after listening to just one song, I have felt centered and energized.

    Blessings, my dear friend, on this Maundy Thursday

  3. This is lovely, Saintly Nick.

  4. Thanks for the coffeehouse. I mean bread-and-winehouse.

    I wasn't familiar with these songs.

    I hope your Easter season is meaningful.

  5. I grew up with the music of Joe Wise in the Archdiocese of Louisville. I so love hearing these songs again! Thank you, Nick, for making my Holy Week special.