Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday Stuff

I didn't know if and when I was going to be able to make a new post to Nick's Bytes. My notebook has been acting up. This morning I spent 4 hours messing with it and it seems OK at the moment. If something does go seriously wrong and I'm going to be offline for an extended time, I'll have a friend post that information to Nick's Bytes and FaceBook.

Speaking of FaceBook, when I log on, this is all that I get:

Being a bit paranoid, at first I thought that FaceBook was picking me out for punishment. However, after being able to locate and access FaceBook help group, I have discovered that it isn't just me who is getting only blank pages. I wonder how long this will last?

I finally had a MD visit this morning. I had an appointment scheduled for last Friday, but the doc didn't show up, so Monday I called and requested a visit. I had a few rather important this to go over, including the increase swelling and redness of my left leg (DO NOT LOOK of swollen legs turn you off):

A substitute doc from MD2U showed up at 9:00 AM and by 9:30 I had all of my needs met. I really like having a physician who come to me!

Alex and I have been spending more time outside on the deck. I have finally been able to get my queen size bed frame, mattress, and box springs off of the deck. That gives us the space to enjoy the Spring weather. For his enjoyment, my delightful furball has been finding places to take naps:

And I have been involved with the antics of one of my three favorite comediennes:

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang

I love Chelsea Handler, but if I had a girlfriend who pulled the practical jokes she does on her boyfriend, I think I'd run for my life. It's a really funny book and I recommend it for you summer reading.

OK, time for me to allow the computer to rest a bit. I will have to come back after the computer's nap to edit and post this. But before a go, I want to share a song that I have been laughing at today. It's dedicated to everyone who loves (and can laugh at) Chicago:

Chicago Cops ~ Bob Gibson & Bob Camp

Bob Gibson & Bob Camp at the Gate of Horn

Bob Gibson & Bob Camp at the Gate of Horn [Live]


  1. Nick, OUCH (as to the swollen leg.) It looks like it would be painful anyway. Is it???

    Computers. Can't live with them. Can't live without them.

    We're trying to spend more time on our deck, but we keep having high winds. On mild relatively windless evenings, we eat dinner out there and gaze at the foothills. So peaceful.

  2. I hope that your leg is better soon. It is nice to have a doctor make house calls.

  3. That leg does not look good. Hopefully it gets better.

  4. Oh, Nick, I hope you feel better soon. Alex looks lovely and I'm sure he is looking after you. xx

  5. With Facebook dead, did you have more time to read your book?

    Your leg DOES look like it would hurt. I hope the dr. figured out something that can help.

  6. Your leg looks very painful, I hope the doc was able to prescribe something to make it better. x

  7. I'm glad your computer is behaving well enough to let you do the things you want to do. I hope your leg behaves well enough to let you go the places you want to go.

  8. Hope the doc got you sorted out.

  9. San: Yep, San, both of my legs are now quite painful. Yesterday they hurt when touched; today they feel more swollent and the skin just hurts, as if I had a sunburn.

    Your deck sounds fab! Even with the winds. The "view: from my deck is my garage and other people's back yards. Sigh.

  10. Finding Pam: Thank you, Yes, it is very nice to have doctors who come to me. I understand that the MD2U franchise is spreading around the world, which is i think is quite good. There a many people like me who find it difficult to get to a physian's office.

  11. SilverNeurotic : Thank you, I hope my legs get better soon, too. I don't know what has caused the swelling other than it's related to my congestive heart failure. I keep good records and my salt intake hasn't increased. Perhaps I need a new medication?

  12. Welshcakes Limoncello: Thank you. Alex is taking very good care of me. He just awakened from a nap and I spotted him enter the study in his stalking mode so I moved the keyboard off the desk and waved a bag of cat treats at the gurball who jumped on the desk and ate them. While he was snacking, I got up and opened the front door where he now sits, looking outside. I went through all of that to keep the cat from clawing my already sore legs. Yes, Alex is taking very good care of me.

  13. Carol: Yes, I'm about half wa through the book. I'm finding that Chelsea Handler is even a better writer than she is a comedic entertainer.

    I have FaceBook working but only using Opera as a browser. I don't know if it's a FaceBook problem or a problem I have with browser settings.

    All the doc has done thus far is to order a scan for blood clots. The scanner dude was here Friday and I've heard nothing problematic about the scan which I am assuming means it came out OK.

  14. Akelamalu : Thank you. Yes, it is painful and I have to admit that it is more painful today than it was yesterday or Friday. I have no topical medication to stop the pain and I can only take so much ibuprofen, which I am taking. I will talk with the doc tomorrow about alternatives.

  15. Thomas: Thank you. I feel as if I'm operating my computer on faith that nothing really terrible will happen. At the moment I am getting around leg pain by ignoring it the best I can.

  16. Cathy: Thank you. I'm working around all of this the best ways that I can and thus far I'm satisfied with the results.