Friday, September 17, 2010

Free Hugs for All

Before you read any further, please watch this video and sing along with the lyrics below it:

I Want a Hug

By Fred Small

Dan Murrow is a mighty friendly man
He's big and round like a bear
He hugs his friends and his friends hug him
Anytime, anywhere.
His patients would come for therapy
To drive their blues away
And sooner or later they'd feel a lot better
Cause this is what he'd say:
I want a hug when we say hello
I want a hug when it's time to go
I want a hug 'cause I want you to konw
I'm awfully fond of you.
I want a hug--what a wonderful feeling
I want a hug--to feel you squeezing
I want a hug--it certainly seems like
The natural thing to do!
But when the head of the hospital heard about it
He got all annoyed
Cause hugging is sexual sublimation
According to Doctor Freud.
You can beat 'em down, you can hide 'em away,
You can keep 'em quiet with drugs,
You can strap 'em and zap 'em with electroshock
But you better not give 'em a hug.
So the boss says, "Dan, clean out your desk--
Your conduct is lax and lewd.
Any deviation from standard medical
Practice can get us sued."
Now, Dan don't feel too bad for himself
He's really kind of proud.
But he's sorry for the people who are locked away
Where hugging ain't allowed.
(for kids)
When I was a little bitty baby child, my momma used to hold me tight
My daddy used to come and pick me up when I got scared at night
The years have passed, I've grown so fast, and mostly I feel strong
But timid or bold, I'm never too old to sing this cozy song.
Now some folks don't like hugging--they think they're too tough
I bet they'd be a whole lot friendlier if they were just hugged enough
When you hug the ones who love you, an amazing thing you learn
When you give a hug, you just can't help but get one in return!
Sometimes grownups are grouchy and they put the blame on you
Sometimes you make just a little mistake though you did the best you could do
Sometimes love is everywhere and it's a beautiful day
And every time is the perfect time to open your arms and say:

Now, watch this video:


  1. Well, Nick, it's just me and the dogs, but I've hugged all of them, and I'm sending two your direction, one for you and one for Alex!

  2. Lyn: Thank you, my dear friend. Both Alex and I are in huggin' moods!

  3. I'm going to offer hugs today even to strangers. Thank you, SSN. This is a powerful post.

  4. Nick- If you are still having trouble with your Gmail, start here:

  5. You are right, Nick. There is not enough spontaneous love in this world.

  6. Just thought I would mention that I received an email from you on the 18th that was obiously not from you. I see someone here mentioned you were hacked so I guess you already knew about this.

    If I ever meet you I promise to save a big hug for you.

  7. Dis be Alex. OK? MY hoomin bean habdedhiz emal hackeded & a nassy hoomin bean pwetendz to be MY hoomin bean & witez emialz sat sayz dat MY hoomin bean be in London & wantz hiz fwiendz to sendz moneyz to MY hoomin bean & dat not be twue. OK?

    Dat nassy hoomin bean he alzo changeded MY hoomin beanz password on Google & dat meanz dat MY hoomin bean cantz use hiz blogger dashyboawd. OK?

    MY hoomin bean now use Yahoo fir hiz email. OK? Dat emailz addwess be OK?

  8. Nick, I tried to get in here earlier to post a not, but I couldn't. I see now that you and Alex have been able to get in through that one, so that's progress, eh?

    Looking forward to seeing you back in control again.

    Thanks, Alex, for the update!

  9. Dis be Alex againz. OK?

    MY hoomin bean still aintz gotz no gmail or blogger or facebook or igoogle or youtube. Dem nassy hackerz dun all ob dat to MY hoomin bean. OK?

    ME and MY hoomin bean can usez MY gmail and MY blogging thingie cause dey be separatez fromz dem ob MY hoomin bean. OK?

  10. Are you OK, Sir Saintly? I notice there are no Monday jokes this morning.

  11. HEY EVERYONE!!!!

    A note from Nick who is still locked out of this blog: "Since I have no access to Blogger, I posted today's TBIM jokes on Alex's blog::

    Could ya'll pass the word around?



    ALSO his new email:

  12. Hey Nick
    Someone is using your old email address to send out an email entitled Help. Those of us who know you know that you are not stranded in London and need 1850.00 so that might be why you were blocked as someone is sending out those messages. Peace