Saturday, September 04, 2010

A Grand Memory

Today I visited a video that I've not seen in years. Wow! I had forgotten how much this eleven year old performance touched me -- touched me then, touched me now.

As I watched it over and over again, I found I had tears running down my cheeks. They were tears of joy remembering the empathy and love expressed in those days before the reign of George W. Bush. They were tears of sadness at how much we have lost--so much compassion, so much community, so many of the performers in this video. They were tears of hope; hope for the children and for the future of this world.

I invite you to watch it, remember, feel the empathy and love and compassion, and hope:

Shalom, my dear friends.


  1. How long will it take to get over that eight year reign? I still shudder at what was done and how much the country changed.

  2. Pamela: I shuddder thinking about those years, too. I fear we shall not heal from them in my lifetime.