Sunday, November 07, 2010

Mondays Come, Mondays Go

And still, we are left without a Too Bad It's Monday post.

Nick is hanging in there.  His computer... not so well.  HOPEFULLY later this week???

So, to hold you over until Nick can create a proper TBIM post, here are a couple of bad jokes for you:

A doctor tells a guy: "I have bad news. You have Alzheimer's, and you have cancer." Guy says, "Thank God I don't have cancer."  - Rosanne

The President, who has arguably the most important job in the world, has nothing on his desk but a phone and a pen.  I have arguably the dumbest job in the world and it looks like Office Depot threw up in my cubicle. - Aaron Karo

Whenever I'm driving, and someone lets me go in front of them, I always feel the need  to go as fast as possible so they don't regret their decision.  I won't let you down, Mr. Mercedes Man, I won't let you down. - Aaron Karo

Won't you be glad when Nick is back??? 



  1. :) I will be glad when he is back, but that is nothing about your jokes, Carol!

  2. I miss my friend Nick,your jokes well they are on par with mine.

  3. Nice try Carol! Not quite up to Nick's standard but at least you're keeping us up to date. ;)

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