Thursday, December 30, 2010

Back Again: Wednesday Coffee House

Hey, Man........ It';s been quite a while since Sometimes Saintly Nick published a Wednesday Coffee House. Alex tells him that it's time to start again. You dig? This coffee house doesn't focus on one musician or even one genre. SSN has just picked out some of the music he's been listening to. He hopes you like it.

One More Town (SSN's theme song for many, many years)
Kingston Trio

Mr. Tanner

Harry Chapin

Mercedes Benz
Janis Joplin

Well, that's it, all you cool cats. Stick around for anotrher cuppa java. Come back next Wednesday for more of SSN's Wednesday Coffee House.


  1. Thanks for the tunes, Nick!

    Mercedes Benz is a song that can often get stuck in my head...