Thursday, December 09, 2010

Old Photos: 1969 - 1971

My sister mailed me a bunch of old photos that she and my mother recently found. The ones below are from the years 1969 to 1971:

My Graduation, University of Kentucky, 4 May1969

My father pinning my 2LT bars on me at my commissioning (4 May1969). My Mom is in the background (right). These are some of the few photos I have of my father and me together.

Graduation 1969: L. to R.: Me; my Aunt Dot; my Mother; Gigi, a neighbor; my (smiling) Dad

Graduation day, University of Kentucky, 4 May 1969.
My sister commented on the pride/happiness on the faces of my father and mother

1LT Me, 2nd Battalion, 64th Armor (Rogue), West Germany, 1971

Me, with my son, Nicholas Lawrence Temple III, age 3 months, at Oberammergau, West Germany, 1971 

That's it for this post. You comments and questions are most welcome. My next post of old photos will be of a much, much younger me!


  1. What wonderful treasures, Nick! Reminders of better (or at least younger) times always warm my heart.

  2. What wonderful memories those photos must evoke for you Nick.

    You look so smart in your uniform and I can see the pride on your parent's faces.

  3. i love this Post….!!!
    its is so awesum…….i ws lost in a trance while i ws readin it……
    gr8 wrk !!!!

  4. Lynilu: The reminders did bring back memories and more. I’d not previously seen those photos of my graduation and commissioning.

    Akelamalu: I always thought that I needed to be taller and thinner to look good in uniform. That was probably not true and was related to my desire to be taller than my father.

    Lovely Bushra: Thank you.

  5. Nick, I can tell that is you because of your eyes. It is so wonderful to have photos of your graduation, pinning on bars with your father and the picture of you with your son is so precious.

    I don't know where time has gone to, but it surely flies by fast.