Saturday, January 08, 2011

Living with a Panther

The panther crotches on his prey's nose hose, awaiting movement so that he can pounce

Finally I have the energy to organize my life and this apartment. I've accomplished a lot in the past several days, even while living with a panther who stalks me and attacks me with his very sharp claws. My only defense is water in a spray bottle. (As you know, Alex hates nasty water in any form).


  1. My cats don't even need the water squirt anymore, they see the bottle and they behave! kind of like how every driver on the road mysteriously drives the limit and courtiously while police are around ;)

  2. Xmichra: It’s the same with Alex. My defense is spotting the panther of a furball sneaking up on me and reachi9ng for the water spray before his claws reach my leg.

  3. Awwww, Nick, you know that little critter keeps life interesting.

    I guess it would still be interesting if he stopped short of the claws in the legs, though.

  4. Hello Nick. Good to see you still're better than I am!

    As for that lovely Alex...he sounds like a typical cat...needs the water spray, as my two do occasionally. Don't they hate it, but isn't it

    I hope you have a great 2011, Nick and here's to more blogging. Cheers