Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Thirteen Days Before the World Changes Forever

At least my world will change in thirteen days. Then I shall be 65 years old. That's really old, you know.

So, between now and then I shall be writing a lot in this blog about the worlds as I have known it and as I believe it is and what the future may bring.

Every day I shall write!

And , yes, I was born on...


  1. Looking forward to it! Well, looking forward to the stories, not you getting *really* old! [grin]

  2. so what it's just a stinking number. you're as your as you want to be,in your mind at least.

  3. Only twelve more days for you to sing, "...when I'm 64". Better get to singing, Nick! :-)

    I don't know any songs about being 65, do you?

  4. 64 is the new 40! Well that's what I'm telling myself as
    I'm 61 ;)

  5. 65 is no longer really old. And you're only as old as you feel.