Saturday, August 06, 2011

The Saga of Cain and Alex

Cain and Abel Alex share my apartment. If you are a regular reader of Nick's Bytes, I'm sure you know Alex, the furball who owns me:

Cain is the furball owned by my new apartment-mate, Anne:

At their first meeting, Alex tried to make friends with Cain, who, although much larger than Alex, is about 7 years younger. He's really but a kitten. Cain was frightened of the new apartment and the cat who lives here:

When Alex approached Cain to make friends, Cain struck out at him, leaving bloody gashes on the nap of Alex's neck. Alex ran and took refuge beneath a chair in the living room where he remains most of the time:

Meanwhile, Cain has adjusted well to life in out apartment. For example, Cain loves riding in the cart that's supposed to hold his cat food:

Mr. Alex remains within his fortified castle, coming out only, for example, to  nap beneath his personal sunbeam:  

Meanwhile, Cain has become obcessed with making friends with Alex, staring at Mr. A. for hours at a time:

Alex, perhaps remembering Cain's response to his initial overture of friendship, wants nothing to do with Cain. He watches him closely and, when Cain gets too close, Alex hisses and, if Cain doesn't back off, attacks him.

I've attempted many ways to bring peace to these two silly felines, The last was to place a pile of catnip between them:

Unfortunately, only Cain partook of the herb and ended up very nipped while Alex watched his silly antics:

This has been part I of the saga of Cain and Alex. I hope there is a second part in which I can report that these two silly cats have become buddies.



  1. This is so cute. I hope the two furballs make peace soon.

  2. I hope they will find middle ground soon. It is painful for their humans to watch this, I know. Since Cain actually injured Alex, it may take longer than usual. Perhaps time and patience will heal the physical and the emotional hurts. Good luck to all 4 of you!

  3. Sounds… entertaining. I think Cain is dominating Alex. There's a great book "Cat versus Cat" that can help you understand their interactions. Give Alex lots of love! Try treats instead of catnip and playtime (2 wand toys). Good luck!

  4. I think you're right, Lyn. Alex has hurt Cain since the initial combat; however, he hasn't drawn blood as Cain did that first time.

  5. Thank you, Victor Tabbycat. Perhaos your right: I wonder if the fact that Alex is "fixed" and Cain isn't is part of the problem? I look for the book; I need the info!

  6. I hope that Alex isn't too stressed by the changes in his home. It sounds like Cain hasn't had too hard of an adjustment - just moved in and attacked the cat who owns the place! ;-) I look forward to reading more about the two kitties finding their way. And I hope that if they come to a peaceful agreement, they'll share their secret with the many humans who could benefit from that wisdom.

  7. Cute kitties. Shame their also stupid.

  8. This is a real challenge for your peacemaking skills, Rev Saint.