Friday, December 30, 2011

My Life in 2011 thru Photos, PART I

January: Alex and I were still adjusting to our new apartment:

January: I decided to allow my hair to grow longer.

January: Alex misses not being allowed to play out-of-doors.

January: Steve was mu caregiver (I had 7 different caregivers in 2011, the longest staying with me about 10 weeks)

January: Steve helped me hang my prints on the walls of the new apartment.

January28th: I began playing guitar again after a very long hiatus.

February3rd: I returned to the discipline of reading Arabic, Hebrew, and Greek texts.

February 7th: A box of neat gifts arrived from a friend in Australia.

February 14th: Celebrated my birthday alone with Alex.

February: Alex is becoming comfortable in the new apartment.

March 10: Finally my my goo health began to return to me and I went out to explore the new neighborhood. (My apartment below).

March 12th: I searched for the railroad crossing near my apartment where my paternal grandfather, Adam Hertle, was killed in 1924.

March 13th: Alex moved hisnapping spot from on top of my chair to the seat of my chair, evicting me.

March 16th: Alex escaped the apartment for the first time. He came back inside after about 10 minutes of exploring and rolling on the sidewalk.

March 18th: Anne Owen and her wonderful music came into my life.

April 4th: I love this kitty!

April 19th: Anne became my sometimes apartment mate.

April 20th: Anne's "bed."

April 28th: Alex has decided that, when I am napping in my chair, he will nap on my legs.

April 30th: Going outside to exercise (walk) and explore.

April 30th: Alex still wants to play outside.

May 13th: My caregiver, Mike.

June 18th: Sons (Nick & Rob) birthday party They were born on June 12th, four years apart.

June 18th: Rob.

June 18th: Nick.

June 18th: Daught-in-Law, Kim, and my delightful granddaughter, Story Wyn Temple.

June 19th: Anne Owen's sister, Tina's, birthday party.

June 19th: Tina

June 26th: Alex being Alex.

Thank you for visiting Nick's Bytes.

Those are the photos of the first half of 2011. I shall share the JUly - December photographs after New Year's Day 2012


  1. Hope you had a good Christmas Nick and may I wish you a Very Happy & Healthy 2012. x

  2. That's awesome, Nick! I LOVE the ponytail! And I love even more so the fact that you started playing guitar again. I just began playing after a couple of years. I cut the tip of my finger off on my left hand and couldn't press down on the strings. :(..... The guitar got very dusty! But isn't it great to have friends that are into music and playing guitar - as your friend Anne is? Glad you enjoyed 2011 and I hope you feel even more wonderful in 2012. It was great getting to know you these past years! Happy New Year to you & Alex and the rest of your extended and chosen family! :)

  3. Wonderful stuff, Nick. I hope 2012 is at least as good a year as 2011, if not better. With more joy and more health and more peace.

  4. I had forgotten about the package I sent. It seemed like sooo long ago...

  5. I enjoyed your photos very much. ALex is such an awesome cat with so much character.

    I wish you and Alex a Happy New Year filled with joy and love.

  6. Hey Nick! Nice to see your picture year in review, and to see that you blog no longer crashes my internet browser!

    That baby looks just like you -- without the glorious hair!

    Hope your next year is just as eventful! And do keep up with the Hebrew and Greek and Arabic, or whatever it says behind the wolf banner.