Thursday, February 09, 2012

Birthday Countdown

 I really like birthday parties—especially my own If you’ve been reading Nick’s Bytes over the past seven or so years, I’m sure you remember that my birthday is on Saint Valentine’s Day, five days from now. This post is the beginning of my birthday countdown.

During my daily telephone conversation with my mother today, she talked a lot about my birth. I learned some things I hadn't know:
  • the "due-date" of my birth was today, February 9
  • I was born at 6:32 p.m. on February 14
  • the doctor who delivered me delivered 5 baby boys one after another preceding my birth; he told my mother, "If you all wanted Valentine presents I would have given you candy."

Mom also pointed out that I have have already outlived my father, who died at age 64.

Mom also pointed out that I am older than all of my grandparents when they died except for my Dad's father, Granddaddy Nick (Old TNT).

This is the beginning of my 2012 Birthday Countdown. I'll post more tomorrow.


  1. I will start tuning my voice, to be able to sing to you on your Birtday! Counting with you!

  2. Just in case I don't get to later, happy Birthday Nick!

  3. Your Dad has the same police uniform I remember from Laurel and Hardey films!

    Not that it's comic, just different. Now the British police uniform with that ridiculous bowler style hat... now that is funny!