Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sometimes Saintly Nick's View of Today

I wish folks would realize that the job situation isn't going to improve until the 1% gets its way and that "damned #*$$@% (read 'person of color') is out of White -- note the emphasize on the word "white" -- House. That's because the 1% owns the businesses and controls the jobs and has conspired not to hire any of the 99% until they can again rule the 99% from the White -- emphasize the word "white" -- House.

He ruled the U.S. for 8 years;
the 1% was happy. 
Is Halliburton hiring?


  1. We noticed that on this side of the Pond. No one believed that your Mr. "Dubya" had the brainpower to govern anything.

  2. What has Mr. Chaney to do with this? He was just a sick old man.

  3. Chaney = the Brain! I love it! (Let us rule the World)