Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Make Money With Google Adsense

This is Sometimes Saintly Nick and this is NOT my blog post. A company in Indian enters my blog and  makes periodic blog posts without my knowledge or permission. I usually delete them as I find them. This one I am leaving posted in the hope that Blogger can somehow stop this from happening.

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  1. Hey Nick! How's this working for you? I tried this a couple of years ago & found after 2 months I made a whopping 82 cents... hmm.. And the ads on the side took away from my blog - people emailed me telling me that it was hard to log onto my blog because of all the ads popping at them.
    Is this different or less abrasive?

  2. Deb, this post sin't mine! Some company in India keeps posting on my blog. I am deleting this now.