Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Mishmash of Thoughts

Here are some thoughts that have passed through my weird mind in recent days:

We call them insurgents and terrorists; they call themselves patriots and freedom fights and servants of God. What history will call them depends upon who wins this absurd “War on Terror” and who writes the history.

Steve MumfordDying Insurgent, 2005 
oil on linen, 48 x 60 inches

Todd Akin would have made an excellent member of the Inquisition,

or perhaps a Puritan witch hunter.

I am feeling an anxiety that is pushing me down into depression. It isn't what I can do or can't do that drives me into depression, it's the threats and power of idiot bureaucrats, politicians, religious freaks, and the lackeys of the 1% who frighten me.

 Leon Trotsky has interested me since I first read of him almost 50 years ago. An intellectual activist all of his life, he was a mitigating force between the revolutionary forces of preBolshevik Russia. Had Trotsky followed Lenin as leader of the Soviet Union, I am certain that the horrors brought to Russia and the world by Stalin would not have occurred.

There seem to be elements within the U.S. intelligence (spying, not intellectuals)community  who want to get their hands on Julian Assange because of the embarrassment he caused the U.S. spy community (CIA). At least they are using semi-legal means of doing it (rather than paid assassins): extradite to Sweden from which he can be extradited to the U.S. where he can be tried for exposing classified documents and (they hope) sentenced to die from a lethal injection.

I love these kitty cats!



Little Girl

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  1. I always enjoy your mishmash blogs. This one, with your thoughts, is especially worth reading. I also love the kitty pics. Thank you, Nick!

  2. Well done, Sir. I agree with your thoughts and the photo of the members of the Inquisition who I note are in reality Monty Python. Well done!

  3. Your thoughts are not weird, Pastor Nick.

  4. I agree with your thoughts on insurgents, Rev Saint. I also agree that the Soviet Union would have been a much different place had Trotsky been running things rather than Stalin. In the eyes of many Julian Assange is an anti-establishment hero and I'm sure the CIA and Homeland Security would love to see him out of business but I don't know about their wanting him executed. Maybe assassinated -- that's more of the spy's way, isn't it?