Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lots of Kitten Pics

I was not planning on writing a post for Nick's Bytes today. However, after returning from the VA hospital, where I picked up my replacement hearing aids (I'll tell that story later in a Sometimes Saintly Nick's Daily Journal entry), I was besieged by all three of my Kitty Kids. I think they've not recovered from my being away for 13 hours Tuesday and Wednesday in the emergency room of the same hospital.

When I noticed that both Little Girl and Sugar were on my desk begging treats, I wondered who was caring for Little Girl's kittens. So, I grabbed the camera and limped to the walk-in closet to check on them. Of course, Momma Little Girl and Aunty Sugar followed me. And, I took what I think are the best photos of the three kittens to date:

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  1. These are wonderful pictures of the kittens, Nick. They are adorable. I so wish I could adopt one.

  2. The kittens are lovely, SSN!

  3. Very nice photos, Rev Saint! Beautiful kittens LG has.