Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giving Thanks

There is so very much I have to thank God 
for sharing with me. 
Here, in no specific order, are a very few 
of God's blessings that I have received:

God, we offer you thanks and praise
for all the surprising graces which come to us,
for those that sustain our lives and those that change them:
for food, familiar diets, and startling new aromas and tastes;
for homes, places of steady surroundings, and settings for redemptive love;
for friendships, old friends who are willingly open in their affection and their correction, and new friends who remind us that your spirited presence still dwells within us and others;
for tasks to perform two actions which we do well and which give order to our days and tasks in which we fail which restore a needed humility to us;
for Jesus Christ,
and for all priced has done and will do for us…
In Christ’s name we pray.

~ Reprinted from Book of Worship © 2002 by permission of the United Church of Christ Local Church Ministries, Worship and Education Ministry Team


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  1. Celestibne and I hope you and the furbabies have a Blessed day my Friend!