Wednesday, January 22, 2014


If you live in the eastern third of the United States, the odds are excellent that your weather is

If you happen to live in Eastwood, Michigan, you may be very

The coldest that I have ever been was on a armor training range at Armor School at Fort Knox, Kentucky, in (I think) the winter of 1969. It was supposed to have been a night training exercise for us newly commissioned Armor officers. When the M60 tanks were running, it really wasn't too bad. Inside they had rather competent heaters; outside their exhaust was ever warmer. However, when there was a lull in the training, tanks' huge diesel engines were turned off and the tank crews sat outside on top of the tanks and huddled on the ground beside them. I do not know how low the temperature dropped, but about 2:00 a.m. the chief instructor called the training exercise off 5 hours before it was scheduled to end. That by itself says that it was very, very cold. I I know that I was very, very 

This 2014 cold weather, including the coldest temperatures in this Twenty-first Century, has been the subject of lots of talk and speculation on the web and in the media. I check the outside temperature and forecast several times a day. To help me and others around Louisville do that, I just added a  temperature widget near the top of the left column here at Nick's Bytes. I hope that it is working!

Here in our snug apartment, the Kitty Kids and I are toasty warm and I don't plan to leave it until the temperature is at least above the freezing point.

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  1. Glad all of you are toasty warm.

  2. That is quite cold, sir!

  3. 6 degrees in Louisville now! I am happy I am in Arizona.