Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Muffin Saga: Part XI

Becoming adjusted to living in Louisville was fun for both Muffin and me. Muffin met a new friend, the Australian Sheepdog of Marc, another U.C.C. pastor, who had served churches in Australia for several years before returning to the U.S. When he began serving a congregation in Louisville, he brought two beloved things with him: a Range Rover and his dog.

Marc showed Muffin and me some neat places, including an area in a city park where dogs were allowed to run free of leashes. Muffin enjoyed being free of a leash. Unfortunately there were no garbage cans in the park to explore. She did frolic on a hillside meadow and roll around in the grass. As Spring came, Muffin met other dogs and had the joy of sticking her nose around their butts. Such is a doggie’s life and joys.

Muffin also met Caryl, who became her veterinarian long before she became Alex’s vet. There were two animal clinics close to where my mother lived. One was a huge, hospital like building with a half dozen vets on duty at any time. It was open twenty-four hours a day, every day. The other was a smaller place that had two vets, only one of which was ever on duty. It was much more like the practice that Muffin’s vet in southern Indiana had: fewer animals in the waiting room and a vet who knew Muffin personally.

The second is the one we, Muffin and I, chose. On our first visit Muffin had a physical, her doggie shots updated, and we purchased the dog license the county required. Caryl and Muffin got on well, which was good because they would see each other frequently over the coming years.

As I recovered from the bout of pneumonia and the time approached for me to leave for Tucson, I began looking for a permanent home for us. I’ll admit that my primary concern was finding a place that was doggie friendly. After several days of looking, I found what I thought a good place. However, before I signed the rental contract, I took Muffin for a visit.

It was a large, multiple building apartment complex. Running along one side was a creek, which was unique since the complex was in the city. Throughout the complex were grassy areas perfect for doggie walks. The day I took Muffin for the visit, we explore everywhere. Muffin even made the acquaintance of two other doggies who lived there. And I learned what my sons meant when they said that Muffin was a “babe magnet.”

Part XII of The Muffin Saga will be published next Sunday.

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