Saturday, February 01, 2014

The countdown begins today

The countdown begin today to Valentine’s Day  my birthday. I know I was born this month, if for no other reason than I have already had four medical appointments schedule.

At one time my birthday was a big deal. I had birthday cake with the appropriate number of candles and ice cream and friends and relatives and lots of presents and lots of birthday cards.. That is not the case any more. As with my last 10 or so days, I shall spend the day with the Kitty Kids and no one else.

If there is cake and ice cream, I shall have to purchase it. The only card in the mail and the only present I can expect will come from my mother. If there are any other presents, I shall have to purchase them.

If past years are any indication, I shall receive lots of good birthday wishes from my Internet friends. I like that. I once wrote a birthday blog post chronicling the events on my birthday.

I suppose that when one reaches the age of 68, which I shall in two weeks, one really need not expect much of a celebration. However, I do rather miss the party with family and friends gathered round. However, I look forward, as I do each day, to spending my birthday with the best buddies I have:

Just for the heck of it, I am going to continue this countdown right up to Valentine’s Day  my birthday.

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