Saturday, April 26, 2014

When Something Goes Crash in the Night

Yesterday was an amazing day. I wish I could articulate all of the energy I had—and how little pain. The physical stuff that I did yesterday was more than I could normally accomplish in a month or two. I thank God is a wonderful day.

A strange thing happened last night after I went to sleep. I was awakened by crash—actually two-- and severe pain in my left thigh. Because I could not locate the floor lamp next to my chair, I fumbled and finally found the flashlight I keep on the table beside me next to my CPAP. 

Once I had raised chair I sleep in, looked around, noted a 3 inch bleeding gash in my left thigh, that the floor lamp was literally on the floor, and a cat—Sugar-- running circles near the patio door and screeching as if she were scared.

The first thing I did was go to Sugar, who, upon my arrival, began scratching the patio door. She seemed to be so frightened that I opened the door and let her go outside. I then wash the blood off my leg and applied a triple antibiotic ointment. Then I tried to figure out what had happened.

My best guess is that one of the Kitty Kids—Sugar?—leaped from somewhere, knocked over the lamp, and landed claws-first on my thigh. I checked on the other two Kitty Kids, who were both okay: Alex was sleeping on an empty pizza box that I did not throw away because he likes to use it as a mattress and Midnight was at the patio door with her head in the Venetian blinds looking at Sugar on the patio.

I eventually went back to sleep. Now, at noon, I have returned to my spring cleaning, although not with as much energy as I had yesterday and with a weakness in my left leg—not caused by the claw scratch, but by the tank injury 44 years ago. I believe today is going to be a very good day.

Blessings, justice, and shalom to you, my friends.


Please: we have 78 cents left until May 1 when my pension is deposited into my bank; next month will be worse with our rent raised $100/month.

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