Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Amazing Art of Svetlana Petrova with Zarathustra

Since I no longer have a television set and radio reception of NPR is iffy at best here in the boondocks on the eastern edge of Metropolitan Louisville/Jefferson County, I have obtained all of my information about what happens in the world via the Internet. So, I read/watch the BBC on the Internet daily.

I often encounter extremely unique features at the BBC. On May 26th I came across this wonderful article entitled, The paintings 'made better with cats' by Genevieve Hassan.  Ms Hassan, an entertainment reporter for the BBC News, introduced me to Russian artist Svetlana Petrova and her delightful online artwork of famous portraits featuring her big ginger cat, Zarathustra.

I simply must share the works from the BBC article here on Nick’s Bytes:

You can view much more of Ms. Petrova's creations at Great Artist Mews, where Zarathustra tells us:

Our name is Zarathustra. We are a cat. According to our assistant (named by ignoramuses as our “owner”) We are the best cat in the world. By the will of the gods, We have been relieved of our animal desires, therefore Our postprandial time is given to the reflections on lofty matters. We are so gracious in Our enjoyment of repasts. And We are also very very fond of Arrt. Our main passion is to sit for the great artists. Only great artists can appreciate Our generous body and sublime soul.

By the way, Alex and Sugar are devotees of Zarathustra. (Midnight, being a kitten, is too hyper to appreciate great Arrt). 



  1. I love those! Thank you for sharing them!

  2. Wonderful! These are really good. Thanks for posting