Thursday, November 26, 2015

Giving Thanks

I have a multitude of items for which I am thankful since last Thanksgiving, beginning with human beings.

The Rev. Richard Pearson, who is my new pastor—even though I have yet to
worship at Faith United Church of Christ due to my numerous infirmities—has been a true Angel in my life since my April 12 falls. He has visited me in hospital and rehab Center, driven me to medical appointments, cleaned my apartment (many, many times), fed my Kitty Kids and kept their litter box clean and filled with fresh cat litter. He has always been willing and able to assist in various projects, from putting together furniture to assisting Jenny and taking my humongous wheelchair out of storage and placing it in the back of my CR-V. Richard has been willing to come to me almost every time I have needed him. For example, on Tuesday I attempted to take a bath for only the third time since I moved into this apartment and the first time since my April 12 injuries. That was because there has been lots of lime clogging up the water system and I have been unable to obtain a good flow from my shower head making showering almost impossible. The bath was a wonderful experience; however, we encountered a major problem when I attempted to get out of the bathtub. I couldn’t! So Jenny telephoned Richard and he came to my apartment where he and Jenny attempted to lift me out of the tub. So they called 911 and a couple of strong men got me out of the tub. Richard stayed around until he was sure that I was okay. The Richard Pearson has brought God’s love and grace into my life. I am extremely thankful for all that he has done for me and the Kitty Kids.

I see my son, Nick, too infrequently. However, he came to me when I was in 
hospital and rehab Center. Nick is the first person I saw when I came out of the 12(?) day coma in the ICU. He visited me regularly throughout April and May. He was at a restaurant nearby when I was given permission to eat solid food and drink non-thickened water. I telephoned Nick and he brought me the first solid food I ate after the ordeal of thickened water and mushy food. I am extremely thankful and proud of my firstborn, Nicholas Lawrence Temple III.

I am also thankful for my ex-wife, Janel, being present so often at the hospital and rehab Center. She assisted me in understanding things that my battered brain could not. When it was determined that I have prostate cancer, she went with me to numerous appointments with pathologist, oncologists, and urologists. Even though she stated that she did not think I am grateful for all that she has done during my illness, I am extremely thankful to Janel.

I am thankful to my retired former pastor and colleague, the Rev. Doug Fowler. Throughout the years he has been more supportive than I can express. He has come to me when I have been in need, talked with me when I have been confused, given me advice that was much needed, and been a true pastor and friend. Now that Doug is retired, I have much less contact with him. I remain thankful for his bringing God’s grace and love into my life.

My sister, Debbie Bennett, is a blessing. Because of the age (14 years) and questionable reliability of my car, I am unable to visit my mom and heart nursing home in Elizabethtown. Debbie visits mom just about every day and cares for her in ways that I wish I could. I am extremely thankful for my little sister.

I have known Jenny Renee DePierro several years through a mutual friend.
However, it is only been in the last several weeks that I have begun to know her well. She had a need: a safe place to live. I had a need: a house keeper and caregiver. We are now meeting both of our needs. I am extremely thankful for all that Jenny is doing, which is really keeping me out of a nursing home.

There are lots of other people to whom I am most thankful. These are too numerous for me to name individually. They consist of my doctors and nurses; the volunteers to bring my Meals on Wheels; my friends on Facebook and Twitter; my fellow bloggers; my friends who are actively working for justice and peace; folks here in my apartment complex. In many ways, they too have been messing jurors from God to me. I am most thankful for them.

I have some nonhuman friends for which I am very, very thankful. They are my Kitty Kids. Alex has been with me 11 years; I love him dearly. Midnight was born in this apartment. She is still a young kitten and very entertaining. Unfortunately, Sugar and escape the apartment while I was in hospital or nursing home. I pray for her safety and hope for her return. LG (Little Girl) escaped the apartment just after her kittens were weaned. She is a young cat without Sugar’s street smarts. I pray for her safety and hope for her return. My Kitty Kids are my closest companions. I love each one dearly and am thankful for their being with me.




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