Wednesday, June 15, 2005

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

Maybe I need to watch the Antiques Road Show more often! I now have a partnership with an antiques dealer to place his merchandise on eBay. The idea is, I know computers and eBay—and he know antiques. That said, I just spent the last four hours learning about thetwenty-one antique items that we’re going to list.

What really gets to me is the minutiae involved: What I see as a dinner plate; Jim tells me it is a "Westmoreland Glass Co. (1950-70s) Paneled Grape 10.5" Dinner Plate.” What I see as a dish; Jim tells me it is a “Hall's China Co. 2-piece covered casserole (thick rim), 'Royal Rose' pattern in excellent condition.”

We were speaking English and I don’t suppose that it’s a new language to me. Or is it? I may have to learn a new way of speaking my native language, especially since I have agreed to write the descriptions and take the pictures and create the listings.

Wow! What have I gotten myself into?

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