Sunday, July 17, 2005

Go West, Old Man, Go West!

The heat is still getting to me. It is as disagreeable here as the summers I remember in St. Louis. The temperature is only 82 F, but the air is pregnant with moisture and it’s the humidity that is doing me in. I know that a storm is brewing and I really wish it would come and birth the moisture that is in the air.

A friend and I went to lunch this afternoon and the walk from the restaurant to my car had both of us feeling ill. We decided that it is too muggy to do anything outside, so she’s at her apartment trying to convince her son he doesn’t want to go to the skateboard park this afternoon and I am here at my house blogging. We’ll get together later this evening—if it cools off!

Last week, when the temperatures were in the 90s here, I received an email from an old friend who has retired near Tucson. He lived in the Ohio River Valley all of his life and knows about our summers. He (happily) informed me that, although the temperature in Tucson was then 106 F, the humidity was only 7%. He felt comfortable—and I remembered again one of the reasons I love being in the desert! If I can, I’ll drive west again this summer.

Wonderful sound! I hear thunder!

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