Saturday, July 16, 2005

I am finally ready for Sunday

I am finally ready for tomorrow morning. For some reason, I have re-written the sermon 4 times. It isn’t a question of getting it “right”—no sermon is ever “right”—it’s that I feel the need to address the Synod’s Resolution 25-7 on marriage and that is a critical issue at the moment. Yet, since I am president of the association and not the pastor of the congregation I am addressing, I must be prudent in what I say.

OK, I believe that what I have written is well thought-out and just, but I must also speak with authority. That I will do. And I will probably change the sermon while preaching it (which is what I usually do), praying that the words I speak are God’s words and not my own.

God help me: I can do no other.

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