Friday, July 15, 2005

Friday Night Blues

There’s a thunderstorm going on outside. Alex is scared and has tried to climb under my shirt. I hold him, but the cat doesn’t want to stay still, and claws my chest.

I’m feeling the same way: I don't want to be still either. I want to be with people, but not just anyone. Of my three first choices of people with whom I want to spend the evening, one is recovering from surgery, another is working, and the third is out of town.

So I suppose it is going to be Alex and me, unless I want to get drenched going from the house to the garage and risk meeting someone new at the local pub. Naw. I only go there when I am walking; too much of a chance of having too good a time and I don’t drive after drinking.

While I have been writing this, Alex has abandoned me for the bed in the spare bedroom. I just walked in and snapped his picture. He is now ignoring me.

Looks like a blue night for me.


  1. Aww what a pretty baby. I have 12 kitties and none of them like the rain either.

  2. Twelve, Jessica? Wow! I have enough to do with one! Of course, maybe if Alex has some playmates he wouldn’t demand so much from me. In a previous post I described how Alex, while I was out of town, invited some other cats into the house to party. At 18 months I suppose he’s an adolescent, and partying while the parent is gone is an adolescent thing!

    Alex has an aversion to water in all forms! He seldom drinks it. One time his curiosity took him to the side of the bathtub to explore the sound of the water filling it and he fell in the tub. I think, from the way he scampered out of it, it was the most traumatic experience he has had in his young life.

  3. Heh, just about all kittens take a tumble into the tub at some point in time or another, they either never come back, or flirt with danger forever after that. I have several cats who wait for me to get out of the tub and then will go play in the empty, but still wet tub. Cracks me up.

    I have cats from ages 9 months to 17 years, almost 100% strays. Im a sucker for a lost or abandoned baby. I have some that came from abused homes as well. All my little throw away kitties.

    They do like to buddy up and play, cats are social but boy every time someone new comes into the house, everyone else has their nose out of joint for about a month.

  4. I think it is strange that I have never considered myself to be a “cat person,” but after reading about your cats, I suddenly realize that I have been owned by three cats, not to mention the one who shared my fraternity house when I was an undergrad.

    Alex is one of those cats who continue to flirt with danger at the edge of the bathtub. To my knowledge, he hasn’t fallen in yet, but give him time. He also perches on the toilet seat and leans toward the water. I expect he may someday slip there, too.

    I believe Alex has his outdoor playmates. When I drove into my garage this afternoon, I disturbed a big tabby that was resting on a couch I have there. I don’t know how he got in, but he scatted out as soon as I opened my car door.

    Maybe I am a “cat person?”