Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Alex's Day

Here's how Alex, the Master of my house, spent yesterday.
I do not believe that any comments are necessary from me.


  1. What a cutie! But I noticed another cat in one of the pictures...just a visitor for Alex?

  2. Thanks, SoozieQ. I’ll pass your flattering remark on to Alex.

    In my blog of May 16 I told the story of being out of town for a few days and, upon my return, finding that Alex had invited a friend into the house to party. The other cat is Alex’s partying friend!

  3. He seems like a great cat:) It makes me miss my kitty.

  4. Thanks, El.

    Alex is my third cat, although I’m not sure about cat #2. She just moved in with us to have a litter of kittens and, after they were weaned and given away, she deserted us.

    I became very attached to Alex from the first week I had him. The pet shop sold him to me before he was old enough to be away from his momma or to eat solid food. I found him on the floor, unable to move and rushed the little fellow to an emergency vet hospital. They found he was suffering from hypoglycemia and hypothermia. He was hospitalized for 3 days and we didn’t know if he’d live.

    Alex and I are good buddies, except that Alex seems to think the entire purpose in my life is to serve him. Hmmmm… my dear friend Candy seems to have the same outlook!

  5. That is one beautiful boy. I love love love love that tail and his beauty mark on his face.

    What a spoiled lovely sweet baby.

  6. Jessica, it seems I was posting a comment on your blog at the same time you were posting one mine. I wonder if that means anything?

    I shall pass your comments about his beauty on to Alex. It appears he has won your female heart as he wins all female hearts, except for Candy's. She has threatened to place my beautiful pussy cat in the microwave and set it on "high." Of course, Candy is part Chinese...I wonder if that has anything to do with it?

  7. Thank you, Trish. I’ll pass the compliment on to Alex, who at the moment is attempting to get my attention by clawing at my naked genitals. (Even before I read a post in another blog about “blogging naked” I have been doing it).

    I noticed in your blog,"Journal of the Unintelligent", that the menu at the resturaunt in Ratchaburi included “Fried Cat.” I have just informed Alex of that, too; so at the moment, at least, he isn’t clawing at my naked genitals

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