Friday, September 02, 2005

Changes Come So Fast!

Candy just telephoned and we have made up. We have a date in 45 minutes, so I won't be alone this weekend as I feared.

But then, this is the 3rd time we've done this dance in the past 9 days:

1. She: "Take me home and get out of my life. We've been seeing too much of each other." (Lasted 36 hours)

2. Me: "I'm getting out of here if you won't stop..." (Lasted 15 hours)

3. She: "When you walk out like that I feel that you are deserting us. So you can just stay gone and not come back. We're are going swimming without you." (Lasted 5 hours)


  1. I suspect that you and Candy are very much in love.

  2. Anonymous, I can only speak for myself and not for her. My answer is: YES.

  3. Hi, Trish. So you’ve experienced similar? Maybe the “dance” is universal?

    BTW, you have a couple of neat blogs! Unless you object, I’m going to add them to my “Good Blogs” links.