Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I hate socks

This post is based upon a comment I left on SonSon’s blog where she posted on Sock Sanity.

I hate socks—with a passion! I have found that I now have gone back to my teenage years when Bass moccasins sans socks were the “in” thing (along with Madras shirts). As winter comes and I am forced to wear socks by the temperature (and the occasional need to wear boots) I may have to purchase new ones.

That's because I have a sock drawer with probably 200 socks in it and I think 150 of them are singles. I have no idea what happens to one sock of a pair and why they don’t stay together. I really believe that socks conspire to divorce as soon as you take a pair off. I also believe that if I put one matching pair of socks in a washing machine, by the time I get them out of the dryer, I’ll have two socks that don’t match.

I once read that Richard Nixon owned only on kind of socks: black in the same design. That way he never worried about a finding a matching pair. That idea is probably the best that Nixon ever had.


  1. That's the way socks are: always divorcing

  2. When I was growing up, every sock I owned had a hole in it. I hated the way they felt on my feet. I swore that if I ever grew up (I was fatalistic as a child), I would have a whole drawer full of socks, and none of them would have holes in them.

    And I do. And it's great.

  3. Living in florida, one gets used to walking around in flip flops and sandals most of the year. I have just recently had to stop wearing them because it's getting a little bit colder. I am not a fan of regular white cotten socks, they get in the way and make my feet feel weird. But I love knee highs and thigh highs and all sorts of patterned nylons :)


  4. Abby: I rather like that analogy of socks “divorcing.”

    Thomas: I had forgotten about holes in socks. That’s another problem. I remember as a kid learning from my Aunt Lill how to darn socks. She would stick this wooden thing that looked something like a bowling pin into a sock and then use a needle and thread to repair the hole. It looked like fun to me, so she let me mend a few.

    Natalia: I, too, prefer wearing sandals; then I really don’t have to be concerned with finding socks that match. I’ve tried wearing most of my shoes without socks. I can do it except for a pair of Wellington boots: without socks, they are painful to the soles of my feet.

  5. LOL, that may have been Nixon's best idea. White would have been better though. I don't like it when guy's wear black socks. Except with a suit or dress clothes of course.

  6. i only ware socks when i wear athele shoes. not very often so i dont have many socks

  7. SonSon: Considering how I feel about Tricky-Dickey, it is about the only one of his ideas I’ve ever considered implementing.

    Jody: The fewer socks one has the better! I need to get rid of all the ones I have that don’t match.