Monday, October 24, 2005

Tying Up Some Loose Ends—Almost:

I’m tying up some loose ends—almost:

  • I still have been unable to reach my #2 son by telephone. Perhaps if Rob reads this, he’ll return my calls.

  • I obtained the Rx I needed from my physician today and selected the inexpensive CPAP to allow me to sleep and breath again. I hope to receive it in a day or two.

  • I am still having problems sleeping, at least until I am so exhausted that I truly pass out. I have set the oxygen generator back to 20%. I hope I have no more night frights from too much oxygen. I look forward to the arrival of the CPAP!


  1. Do your kids read your blog? I mean, do you know that for sure?

  2. I hope all is well for your son.

    I'm sitting here at the computer in our bedroom. My husband's cpap mask is currently oxygenating his chest. Better wake him up enough to put it back on. He goes through periods where he really struggles with it. I hope you will get some true rest very soon!

  3. Southern Fried Girl: I really don’t know if either read my blog. My oldest son, Nick, did at the beginning: it was his idea that I write a blog.

    Audrey: Thanks. I really do have to get some decent sleep. Hopefully tomorrow!

    Sonson: I’ve never had problems wearing the CPAP mask or allowing it to slip off. Of course, I had one for so many years that it’s second nature—no, more than that: its part of me!

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